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Owners who have experienced decoration know that decoration is a very time-consuming and labor-consuming thing. Whether it is to see the decoration in the early stage, the construction process, or the final acceptance, just like their children, they need to take care of them in person. As a reference, today's Wuhan Decoration editor specially lists a decoration budget table of 85 square meters for small houses, which can be viewed by owners in need

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[the decoration requirements for 85 square meters in Wuhan are as follows]

decoration house type: two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

decoration style: American style

decoration method: half package

[Wuhan 85 square meter decoration budget price list]

[Wuhan 85 square meter decoration budget list details]

Project 1: basic engineering

wall peeling (gypsum ash) 880.00

wall blank base treatment 440.00

door pocket base (Blockboard) 350.00

project 2: Waterway Circuit engineering

strong and weak current construction (lump sum price) 6400.00

waterway construction (lump sum price) 1450.00

change down pipe 148.00

change down pipe 283.50

project III: guest restaurant and aisle

latex paint base treatment (putty) 2100.00

latex paint 840.00

shoe cabinet (including door and ecological board) 2170.00

TV background wall 800.00

gypsum corner line 450.00

item 4: master bedroom

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 1000.00

emulsion paint 400.00

wardrobe cabinet body (ecological board) 2880.00

wardrobe door (ecological board) 330.00

gypsum board 150.00

gypsum line 225.00

top corner item 5: secondary bedroom

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 1000.00

latex paint 400.00

wardrobe cabinet body (ecological board) 2160.00

wardrobe door (ecological board) 247.50

gypsum board seal on the upper part of the cabinet 125.00

gypsum corner line 225.00

item 6: kitchen

wall tile general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1100.00

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 318.00

kitchen and sanitary package pipes 169.00

doorway stone paving 25.00

item 7: toilet

wall tile general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 950.00

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 238.50

toilet backfilling and surface leveling 350.00

toilet waterproof treatment 540.00

kitchen and sanitary package pipes 325.00

paving of door stone 25.00

item 8: balcony

latex paint base treatment (putty) 300.00

latex paint 120.00

General specification of paving tiles (200 × 200< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 583.00

common specification of wall tiles (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 250.00

storage cabinet body (ecological board) 960.00

storage cabinet door (ecological board) 330.00

according to the editor, the difference between the quotation cost finally formulated and the decoration budget of the owner at the beginning is not too much. When the owner reviews the quotation details, he agrees with the proposal of the construction party, and the other party also reminds himself where to focus, where not to spend money wrongly, and believes that the cost performance is relatively high

well, I hope the above content can make you have a clearer understanding of the quotation. If you still want to know or you are planning decoration recently, you can find your favorite decoration company through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network. You can also leave your small area house type + area + decoration requirements in the article. Customer service will arrange many decoration companies suitable for you to measure rooms, formulate plans and quotations for free. For details, please click: http://www.whjzw.net/zb/There are new year surprises waiting for you





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