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In Wuhan, for wage earners with a monthly salary of less than 3000 yuan, how can decoration save money? Is it stingy to save money for decoration? Can't you save money to decorate well? Today, a netizen asked on the Weibo of home improvement website, "I read it online for a long time before decoration and found that the same house uses the same materials. Why does it cost less than me to decorate?" In fact, the reason why there is such a big gap is waste. Where is it all wasted? After the discussion on Weibo by the netizens of Wuhan home decoration network, they summarized some decoration experience that can save what can't be saved. Working families should have a good look:

netizens discussed and summarized these five points that can't be saved in decoration. Saving money is not stingy:

first, don't be greedy for cheap wires and water pipes

netizen "Weiwei": we are an ordinary working class in Wuhan, It is unrealistic to spend 100000 on decoration. Therefore, at the beginning of decoration, I felt that wires and water pipes were necessary expenses, so I saved if I wanted to save

small chores: in the whole family decoration, wires and water pipes are also a necessary expenditure. Some working-class people also have the idea of saving in this necessary expenditure, often focusing on price rather than quality. This is a major mistake. If the quality of wires and water pipes is not up to standard, it will bring great potential safety hazards after decoration. Therefore, even for the working class, when buying wires and water pipes, they should not lower the standard, but buy high-quality wires and water pipes

second, the power plug should not be installed as little as possible

netizen "jolr": in line with the idea of saving money, when decorating, save money from small places. Among these small places, the power plug is a project. It is believed that saving a plug while saving some wires, killing two birds with one stone, why not? Therefore, while considering the current household appliances, try to save the number of power plugs installed

small editor's advice: in fact, this practice is wrong. With the development of electrification, there are more and more household appliances. Once there are new appliances but no sockets, it is difficult to install them again. In addition, when using power plugs for electrical equipment, it is easy to cause accidents if there are few plugs and several electrical appliances are used together. The correct approach is to reasonably install power plugs according to the housing area, according to the design of professional electricians, and then integrate the actual amount of household electrical appliances, and leave some ready-made plugs for capacity expansion





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