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On March 25th, 2019, the press group came to yashilan, an advocacy brand for R & D and innovation in China's wall fabric industry, and conducted a one-day enterprise visit and comprehensive report on it

nowadays, the wall fabric industry has entered a period of rapid development, but the majority of consumers' awareness of the wall fabric industry is still in its infancy. To this end, on March 25th, 2019, the press group came to yashilan, an advocacy brand for R & D and innovation in China's wall fabric industry, and conducted a one-day enterprise visit and comprehensive report on it

chenwenjun, general manager of yasilan seamless wallcovering

[reporter]: Hello, President Chen! Can you give us a brief introduction to your work in Ashlan

[chenwenjun]: I mainly assist the chairman in formulating the overall strategic work of yashilan, including the implementation and management of the company's overall strategic plan

[reporter]: at the beginning of March, the Beijing exhibition has just ended. What is the specific investment situation of yashilan at this exhibition

[chenwenjun]: the overall investment attraction of the exhibition still exceeded our expectations, and the situation is still very good. Our exhibition hall has a very large flow of people, because after all, there are brands, and many customers come directly to yasilan, and basically sign the bill on the spot after coming

[reporter]: we have learned that yashilan has made some changes in its supporting policies for dealers since this year. Can you give us a brief introduction

[chenwenjun]: Yes, we held an equity meeting in January 2019 and made a five-year strategic plan. In 2019, we also have many dealer support policies. As we all know, although the wallpaper industry has developed for several years, many dealers used to sell wallpaper or change careers into this industry, and many people don't know how to sell wallpaper. So while we are building brands this year, we also want to strengthen the training of these customers, including the marketing training, store management training and product knowledge training of some stores, so that they can quickly understand how to sell Ashlan's products and make the store service bigger and stronger

the training service is mainly divided into two parts: first, to implement the training, and to provide on-site training to dealers in the store area. On the other hand, we have established a business school of yashilan, which includes soft decoration training knowledge, product knowledge, training knowledge, as well as the training of some store sales experience guided by excellent clerks in major stores. We will organize it in the business school. Second, in 2019, all our regional managers will go to the dealers' stores to help dealers do the marketing activities of the stores, which is in the activity support sector

third, at the beginning of this year, we formulated to support 50 excellent dealers to do the activity of upgrading exclusive stores. At the same time, we want to make this group of dealers profitable. Their delivery volume to the company reaches more than 500000 to 1million. The company will provide a large part of material and human resources to support this group of dealers, create an excellent model market, and promote the brand construction and development of the whole region from point to area. Fourth, we should make a unified design, packaging and promotion of the national image for all the stores of yasilan's monopoly system. At present, I will briefly talk about these points. There are many supporting policies in the future

[reporter]: we learned from this interview that yashilan has recently moved a new factory, right

[chenwenjun]: Yes

[reporter]: can you give us a brief introduction to the changes of the new factory

[chenwenjun]: moving the new factory is also to comply with the development trend of yashilan. Because yashilan's sales in the past two years, the franchising of dealers, including our sales performance, have advanced by leaps and bounds, so some of our original production systems may have been overwhelmed. So this year we invested a lot of money to move our old factory and replace it with a new one. Second, we will add some advanced imported equipment to put into production, so as to ensure the smooth and orderly delivery of our supply system and improve our service quality. As we all know, many wallcovering brand enterprises do not have physical enterprises themselves, so they are very painful in this regard, because the whole supply chain is not perfect and has not been opened up. Unlike our own entity enterprises, our own production equipment and system are relatively sound and perfect. In addition, this year, we will upgrade some production equipment and relocate the factory as a whole, and move the embroidery workshop and textile workshop together as a whole. The first is convenient for management, the second is to improve its quality, and the third is to ensure the delivery speed of our dealers. Therefore, there is relatively no big problem in the area of sales and dealer logistics support, and more service requirements can be improved

[reporter]: in 2019, all major brands are focusing on brand building. What are yashilan's actions in brand building

[chenwenjun]: there are many, including Sina home. We have carried out strategic cooperation. At the same time, we are also cooperating with Huiya media, Tencent home, China wallcovering and other high-quality platforms. At the same time, the company has also strengthened the ability of the personnel of the market planning department to write more soft articles and promote, including some videos or soft articles on some we media, which has also greatly improved the image and popularity of our brand. Later, the company will invest a lot of money to carry out this work

there is also a question about the spokesperson. At present, our whole company's leadership team is discussing why yashilan didn't hire a spokesperson before, but we must hire a spokesperson this year. We are discussing what kind of stars meet the brand image and value of yashilan. We have included this part in the plan. We also want to find a star who can match the brand image and value of Ashlan and truly represent Ashlan. We are also screening

(source: Sina home)





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