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Comments from netizens: I like the dream of Red Mansions since I was young and never get tired of reading it. Now, my little home is going to be decorated, so I have to think about it. Cao Xueqin is a generalist. His design, construction and decoration are all matched with his character's temperament, which is really wonderful. I also want to be artful. I hope you can give me more advice

I like the dream of Red Mansions, so I like the Chinese style, but my daughter likes the modern style. She always insists on it, which has fulfilled her wish. When decorating, she is busy. In all aspects, except for a set of mahogany furniture, I am the master, others, including wall paintings, lights and other small decorations, are the thoughts of my daughter

this ceiling is my insistence. It was hand drawn by the designer and cut by the carpenter. There are some Chinese elements in it. When friends come to play, they usually take a fancy to it. 2

this is a restaurant. The family takes good care of this set of mahogany furniture. Soft decoration is the most Chinese element. 3

the layout of the living room is actually nothing special, but the open space between the sofa and the window can exercise, and it's still quite large to walk through. 4

TV background wall. I'm a layman in painting, but it looks very elegant. The whole wall is painted, large beige, warm. 5

in the corner of the kitchen, ha ha, the breath of life is coming, a little messy. 6

next to the master bedroom is a large French window, so the sun can easily come in. The sunshine in autumn and winter is the most gratifying. 7

this is the cabinet next to the master bedroom. It is made of sliding door, which is very convenient to use, and the storage space is also large. The frosted pattern on the surface is chosen by my daughter, but it matches the overall color of the room. 8

this is the second bedroom. The wallpaper of my daughter's room is made of fine patterns. Purple flowers and light green leaves are also lively. 9

there are many carpenters in my house during the decoration, all of which are made by the master workers on site, including this large cabinet. At that time, I specially greeted the decoration company, and asked the skilled carpenters to come, and the materials should be selected as much as possible. 0

this is the storage room. On the left is a large cabinet with large storage space. There are desks and computers in it, which also play the function of the study. My daughter plays games, and I'll speculate in stocks. 11

some detailed decorations are the credit of her daughter. I don't know where she got them. They still have some flavor on them. 12

the silver lampshade is placed above the dining table, with energy-saving lights inside. When eating, the white light comes down, and the brightness is just right. 13

the light in the bedroom, black and white, looks very chic, and is an irregular element in the regular bedroom. 14





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