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Half of December has passed, and the end of January next year will usher in the lunar new year. Some owners with decoration needs are hesitant about whether to choose the New Year decoration. What can I install in more than a month? If the construction period is extended, how can it be connected year after year? Many owners have some concerns about the New Year decoration. The reporter learned from the decoration company that as long as the construction schedule is reasonably planned and a reputable decoration company is selected, the cross year decoration is not a problem, and at least 8% of the decoration cost can be saved. ◆ what to do with only one month left? According to the practice of previous years, the decoration downtime before the Spring Festival is generally around January 15, that is to say, there is still one month for the New Year decoration. Chenpingchun, general manager of Chengfeng decoration, told reporters that before decoration, we should find a decoration company, do design, cost, and sign a contract. After commencement, we should set out construction and structural transformation, and then do water and electricity bricklaying. If the order is made now, the water and electricity can be finished as soon as possible. www.jiazhuang6. COM, the most professional home furnishing portal. Due to the low temperature in winter, many people believe that the cross year decoration will affect the construction quality. If the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, bricklayer, paint and emulsion paint must be stopped. Chen Pingchun said that decoration is a long process. Choose New Year decoration. When others are waiting for decoration in the coming year, your family has already made water and electricity; When others do water and electricity next spring, your family has already done bricklaying and painting. There is no need to rob workers for off peak decoration, and you can even pick skilled masters. ◆ attention should be paid to six aspects of cross year decoration. According to industry insiders, the price rise of decoration companies after the Spring Festival next year is a matter of certainty. If the decoration company is set before the year, you can enjoy the price of this year, and it is expected to save 8%-10% of the decoration cost. Chen Pingchun reminded the owners who are about to decorate that the decoration of the new year cannot ignore six aspects. The construction period in winter is long, so we must pay attention to the stability of the structure when making structural transformation. After the waterway construction, the water supply pipe must be equipped with insulation sleeve, especially the outdoor water pipe. After the carpenter enters the site, the decorative panel must be sealed with oil to prevent deformation, and the expansion joint must be reserved when doing carpentry. When the temperature is low, you must not do bricklaying, painting, etc. Winter weather is dry, prone to accidents, we must find a qualified decoration company. Pay attention to financial safety. It is suggested to find a reputable large company to avoid small companies absconding with money and other events




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