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Under the market upheaval, LED light enterprises are puzzled by the "siege"

whether it is the dealer channel, the designer channel, or the emerging e-commerce channel; Both the manufacturing end and the user end; Whether in the domestic market or the international market... The lighting industry is full of confusion about "besieging the city"

many lighting manufacturers feel that relying solely on traditional dealer channels is becoming more and more unreliable, so they have turned to expand designer channels, trying to sell lamps with a larger number of decorative designer groups as manufacturers' distributors

in the first half of 2016, some lighting manufacturers felt that designer resources were really difficult to control and the return on investment was low, so they turned to expand dealer channels. However, they found that expanding dealer channels was not as simple as in the early years. Now decoration subsidies, human resources and inventory support have almost become standard configurations

some traditional lighting manufacturers plunged into the e-commerce channel when they heard that the e-commerce channel has great potential, but they found that the e-commerce channel is not shallow, the e-commerce marketing cost is much higher than the traditional offline channel, but the sales volume and profit are difficult to be guaranteed

at the same time, there are also a number of pure e-commerce brands who think that the offline dealer channel is more stable and more [interview with the NPC and CPPCC] representative Zhang Xin of TBEA: it is guaranteed to be a supplier of new aluminum and electronic materials, so they turn around and expand the offline channel one after another, and it is found that most offline dealers are struggling and living in confusion

some dealers feel that the terminal market is becoming more and more difficult to do, and they have come to the ancient town to open factories and stores. In everyone's view, the ancient town can face the national and even global market, and the space is particularly large. Life should be much better than mixing in a regional market, but they are overwhelmed by all kinds of cumbersome affairs of the factory

at the same time, some manufacturers feel that it is easier to make money as a dealer than as a factory, so they go to the terminal market to open brand Direct stores and face consumers directly. Finally, they find that they do not reserve certain customer resources in the local area. It is really difficult to support a store, and they simply can't see the day ahead

some enterprises feel that the marketing cost of opening a large store in a hypermarket is too high and not worth it, so they decide to withdraw the exhibition hall to the factory

some enterprises feel that opening large stores in hypermarkets is convenient to undertake engineering orders and retail orders, and can also improve brand image, so they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to open large stores of 35000 square meters

some enterprises feel that OEM profits are too thin, so they set up a marketing team to vigorously build their own brands; Some enterprises feel that making a brand only makes money, so they cut down the marketing team that has been established for many years and concentrate on becoming an OEM

in fact, there is no absolute right or wrong in any decision-making of an enterprise, whether it advances or retreats, only whether it fits itself or not. At present, the confusion of "Besieged cities" in the lighting industry has reflected that the market competition environment is changing rapidly from all levels. The business entities in all major links of the industrial chain are facing huge survival pressure with the unit switching function, and everyone's sense of confusion is becoming stronger and stronger

under the new normal, without innovation and change, it is difficult for enterprises to maintain strong market competitiveness. However, if you just see the good of others and are tempted by others' success, without positioning yourself in combination with your core advantages, then enterprises are easy to fall into all kinds of unreliable tosses

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