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Considering the market environment, investors' suggestions and other factors, mayingsen canceled the plan of fixed increase of 1billion yuan

release date: Source: Volkswagen Securities News

fixed increase was approved by the CSRC in less than 10 days. Mayingsen issued an announcement to terminate the fixed increase in 2020 and withdraw the application documents on the evening of April 15. Some investors believe that the cancellation of fixed increase may be related to the low share price of the company, and the major shareholders believe that they have lost money. Meiyingsen closed 3.68/share on April 16, with a total market value of about 5.6 billion

after a one-year plan for fixed increase of 1billion, the company decided to terminate this fixed increase after full communication with all parties, considering the changes in the capital market environment, investor suggestions, financing opportunities and other factors, and in combination with the actual situation and development planning of the company, in order to safeguard the interests of investors, the company decided to terminate this fixed increase after full communication with all parties, And apply to the CSRC to withdraw the application materials of this fixed increase

according to the fixed increase plan, the company plans to privately issue A-share shares to no more than 10 specific objects, the number of which is no more than 306.26 million shares, and the total amount of funds raised is no more than 1billion. After deducting the issuance expenses, it is proposed to be used for the smart packaging R & D and production base project, the strategic packaging industry 4.0 project of mayinsen Group Co., Ltd., the high-end environmental protection packaging production base (Vietnam) project Meiyingsen Xishui boutique packaging intelligent manufacturing project and supplementary working capital

on March 30, mayingsen issued the announcement on extending the validity period of the fixed increase resolution in 2020, which said that the 2019 annual general meeting of shareholders held by the company on April 21, 2020 considered and passed the proposal on adjusting the fixed increase resolution in 2020. According to the resolution, the company's 2020 fixed increase resolution is valid until April 20, 2021. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the company's fixed increase, the tenth (Interim) meeting of the Fifth Board of directors and the ninth meeting of the Fifth Board of supervisors held on March 29 considered and approved the proposal on extending the validity of the company's 2020 fixed increase resolution respectively, and agreed that the company would extend the validity of this fixed increase resolution for 12 months from the expiration date to April 20, 2022, And submit the above proposal to the general meeting of shareholders of the company for deliberation

on April 6, meiyingsen announced that the issuance Review Committee of the CSRC had reviewed the company's 2020 fixed increase application. According to the review results of the meeting, the company's application for fixed increase was approved

on April 14, some investors also asked meiyingsen on the interactive platform, "may I ask the Secretary, the additional issuance of your company has been approved by the CSRC, and what is the additional issuance price?" The company replied, "Dear investors, thank you for your attention and support to the company. The company has not received the written approval document of the CSRC for this fixed increase."

many concepts have unsatisfactory performance

public information shows that meiyingsen is a high-end integrated service provider of environmental protection packaging, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of light and heavy environmental protection packaging, electronic labels and RFID products. However, in the past two years, it has focused on the development of the "second main industry", the cross-border industrial cannabis industry, and expanded to the field of artificial meat, blockchain and other fields, in order to form new profit growth points as soon as possible

on October 25, 2019, meiyingsen said in the announcement of "new products - New Economy - plant protein food development trend theme forum and meiyingsen new product tasting meeting" that the company's research and development of artificial meat products has achieved phased results. In the next step, the company will continue to strengthen research and development, constantly optimize products, and timely promote the industrialization of products according to the progress of research and development. If this new product can be successfully launched, it will be an important step in the development of the industrial cannabis industry project of mayingsen group, which will be conducive to the smooth implementation of the project, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and create more value for shareholders. At the same time, the company held a tasting meeting on related products. On October 26 of the same year, meiyingsen said on the platform that the core products of the joint-stock company Zhejiang Oracle super Code Technology Co., Ltd. involve the blockchain field

on January 29, mayingsen announced its 2020 performance forecast. It is expected that the company's net profit in 2020 will be 187-268 million, a year-on-year decrease of 50%-65%, and the net profit after deduction will be 143-193 million, a year-on-year decrease of 49.63%-62.78%

stock control system software for WindowsXP operating system platform bar, friend "brother slow bull" expressed his view: "I just don't think it should be so low price to get the increase. The real estate of mayingsen in Shenzhen is more than the current market value. The others are free. I can't accept issuing so many stocks at a discount as an investor."

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