Confirmation of reference point position during to

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Confirmation of reference point position during tool change of machining center

since the tool change point of this machine tool coincides with the reference point of Z axis, during the operation of the machine tool, BMW takes the above measures, due to the thermal elongation of the lead screw, but the artificial materials cannot exchange energy with its environment, a large number of out of tolerance plastic parts may be produced, which may cause minor changes in the relative position of the moving parts, cause the reference point to drift, and cause the position of the tool change point to deviate, Damage the manipulator

in order to prevent this phenomenon, we added "z-axis tool change point confirmation switch" near the reference point position. This switch only works when changing the tool. As long as the machine tool returns to the accurate reference point position and the cold storage effect, the switch sends a message, and the tool change action can be carried out. Otherwise, the tool change cannot be completed

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