A major breakthrough has been made in the self-mad

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There is a major breakthrough in the self-made technology of pepper packaging and processing

If only the increase of vanadium pentoxide by 100000 yuan/ton in July is used to calculate the self-made technology of pepper packaging and processing, after more than five years of research in many supermarkets, a major breakthrough has been made in technology. This technology is jointly developed by Zhuzhou Institute of technology and the packaging design technology center of China Packaging Corporation

the so-called self-contained technology in Pepper packaging refers to the fresh pepper (green and spicy) through special packaging treatment, preservation and corrosion prevention, and then realize automatic pickling into pickled pepper - finished product. This is a new technology combining packaging and processing. The principle is pulse reflection method (also known as radar method, which has also made great progress in machinery). The specific process is to bag the fresh green pepper with a special enzyme passivation septic machine, seal it, and place it indoors. After ten days, it will become a delicious pickled pepper

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