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Cong Hong, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Wazhou group, delivered a new year's speech

Cong Hong, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Wazhou group, delivered a new year's speech

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Cong Hong, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Wazhou group, all staff comrades, retired staff comrades, friends:

Golden Horse bid farewell to the old year, Fuyang welcomes the new year. At the dawn of the new year, on behalf of the Party committee, the board of directors and the management of Wazhou group, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the staff and comrades who have worked hard for the construction and development of Wazhou group! We would like to express our cordial condolences to the families of our employees and retired comrades! I would like to express my sincere wishes to the superior leaders, friends from all walks of life and customers at home and abroad who care about and support the development of the bearing

in 2014, under the correct leadership of the superior party committee and government, Wazhou group accelerated the implementation of the commanding height strategy and internationalization strategy, developed high-end products, sought market opportunities, implemented technological innovation to improve its core competitiveness, and achieved gratifying results in the steady development of production and operation under the situation of great downward pressure on the country's overall economy and fierce market competition

we developed high-end products and high-end markets, seizing development opportunities. Relying on its own technology, it developed bearings for heavy-duty railway freight cars, winning the fierce competition among well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and the bearing shaft successfully won an absolute large share; Comprehensively improve the manufacturing strength of wind turbine bearings and become a strategic supplier of Siemens; The exported automobile bearings are supplied in batches by well-known enterprises such as general motors, Ford and Chrysler, and have been awarded the 2013-2014 excellent supplier award for project management by GKN, a world top 500 enterprise; The supporting bearings of industrial gear boxes have entered the foreign main channel market in batches; The super large bearing with an outer diameter of 11 meters developed for the world's largest reclaimer has made great achievements in the development of experimental machines, filling the domestic gap and creating 12 Chinese firsts

we have accelerated technological innovation and enhanced the core competitiveness of enterprises. The national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center has been put into operation, which has raised the overall technology development, product development, basic research and testing capacity of the bearing to a new level; Based on the existing technology and R & D personnel of KRW, the European high-end bearing R & D center of bearing shaft has been established, forming a global market-oriented and technical development cooperation system; Based on the North American market, the axle bearing American Engineering Technology Center was established in Detroit, USA, and officially put into operation. It is currently the most advanced automotive bearing research and development center in the world. Through the three major technology platforms, we will continue to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced technology, lead the industry's cutting-edge technology, and promote the development of high-end technology, high-end products and high-end manufacturing. The wind turbine spindle bearing testing machine technology of the company won the Chinese patent Excellence Award. Method: 1 Replace the charging line, carry out benchmarking activities based on world-renowned enterprises, increase investment in technological transformation in key aspects such as bearing design, manufacturing, testing and product level, shorten the gap with the world's advanced level, and further build the core technology, core products and core competitiveness of enterprises

we will strengthen technological transformation and improve the development ability of enterprises. This year, the company has built the most advanced carburizing and quenching production line of railway freight car bearings in China, forming a combined production line of lathe workers and heat treatment; A large mill bearing over grinding production line was established, which improved the product quality and efficiency; Build an export high-end automobile bearing manufacturing base, add a number of export high-end automobile bearing production lines, pass the GKN company's production pace audit, and form a production scale; Build a super large bearing manufacturing base and put it into operation; CC type self-aligning roller bearing reconstruction project has been put into production

comrades, the past year has been a year of structural adjustment, reform and innovation of the tile axis, a year of benchmarking with the world and catching up with and surpassing the first-class, and an important year of developing high-end products and breaking through the international market. What data do we need? Generally speaking. This year, our various undertakings went hand in hand and our comprehensive strength was greatly improved

at present, China's economy is characterized by three major characteristics: speed change, structural optimization and power transformation. The domestic economy is "superimposed in three phases", and the downward pressure is still large. The bearing shaft will face a complex business situation in which challenges and opportunities coexist, difficulties and advantages coexist. 2015 is the key year to deepen reform, the first year to promote the rule of law, and the final year to complete the 12th Five Year Plan. We should conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of our superiors, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, strengthen confidence, work hard, strive for progress while maintaining stability, be brave in reform and innovation, open up a new situation at a new starting point, and take a new step under the new normal

we should continuously improve the work of bearing shafts with the goal of meeting customer needs and improving market and product competitiveness. Comprehensively promote efficiency engineering and lean production, and improve the ability of timely delivery of products; Improve the technological competitiveness of products by accelerating product upgrading and quality research; Implement the marketization of supply chain, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve the price competitiveness of products; Speed up the construction of sales service team, improve the market after-sales service ability, so that enterprises can maintain product advantages in the fierce market competition, expand market share, and enhance brand value

we should take the implementation of technological innovation, process innovation and management innovation as a means to fully improve the innovation ability of enterprises. Accelerate the construction of national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center, European R & D center of bearing and American Engineering Technology Center of bearing, focus on high-end equipment supporting bearings, high-speed railway bearings and high-end automobile bearings, accelerate structural adjustment, develop a number of alternative import and high-end export product projects, break through the high-end international market, drive market increment, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises

we should accelerate the socialization reform of supply chain and promote the process of resource socialization through marketization, socialization and specialization. We will continue to deepen enterprise reform, use modern enterprise management ideas to solve problems faced in development and resolve risks and challenges from all aspects. Establish Wazhou international economic and trade company and Wazhou material economic and trade company to speed up the construction of overseas markets and supply chains

we should take efficiency and benefit as the core, and all staff should participate in Jinan gold assay reciprocating tension and compression testing machine to tap the potential inside and outside and improve the quality of economic operation. We should improve the company's sales profit margin, input-output rate, labor efficiency, capital efficiency and work efficiency. We should continue to rely on employees, care about them, improve their working, learning and living environment, increase their income, give full play to and protect their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and make every employee enjoy the benefits brought by the development of the enterprise

comrades, the new year opens new hopes, and a new journey carries new dreams. Let us take the deepening of enterprise reform as the driving force and the improvement of efficiency and efficiency as the core, make concerted efforts and work together to meet new challenges and achieve new leaps, so as to contribute our wisdom and strength to a better future for Wazhou, a better life for Wazhou people, and a more harmonious and stable development of society

I wish you all good health, smooth work, family happiness and good luck in the New Year

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