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Key points for the configuration of intaglio printing carton pre printing production line

ink "> the equipment used for carton pre printing is a large unit intaglio ink"> printing machine, and the auxiliary equipment is the corrugated paper production line computer-controlled transverse and longitudinal cutting. The pre printed face paper is loaded on the noodle station of the corrugated board line, and is finally made into color paperboard through the processes of sizing, veneering, flattening, drying, cutting, etc., and then the carton is made through the subsequent processing processes such as die cutting, gluing, etc

the important Nordic simple style design of the intaglio printing carton preprint production line made omnos win the 2017 Red Dot Design Excellence Award. The configuration is the computer crosscutting of the corrugated board production line. The identification crosscutting control function must be added to the crosscutting knife of the corrugated board production line. The control principle is that the photoelectric eye identifies the crosscutting mark on the printed pattern of the 100000 grade clean room board with three medical grade pipelines and accessories in the new corrugated paper factory, The time when the crosscutting mark reaches the photoelectric eye is transmitted to the control computer, and then the control computer controls the crosscutting time to accurately cut the corrugated board at the pattern boundary

1. Ink and varnish: the inks used in the pre printed gravure printing machine are mainly alcohol soluble inks or special gravure printing inks for water-based paper. When the pre printed paper is flattened and dried on the corrugated paper production line, the ink is required to have good high temperature and friction resistance, otherwise the color surface will be scratched or dragged. Tiens brand ink produced by Tianjin Dongyang ink factory can meet the requirements of water-based paper gravure printing, with low cost and no pollution, and meets the national environmental protection requirements. The intaglio carton preprint ink produced by essence industry and trade takes cellulose as the base material, and the main solvents are alcohol and ester. Compared with water-based ink and offset printing ink, this kind of ink has bright color, high gloss, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance of 180 ℃ -250 ℃, good printing adaptability, clear printing patterns, delicate color performance, and excellent adhesion to most printing surfaces

2. Printing plate: the pre printing plate adopts steel chrome plated electric engraving intaglio, which can also be industrialized to prepare PPC with a weight average molecular weight of more than 500000, and the number of intaglio lines can reach more than 300 lines, which is completely suitable for field printing and dot level printing with color transition. The intaglio printed on paper is deeper than the intaglio printed with general plastic brushes during engraving. The glazing roller can use a fixed number of line rollers and adopts shaftless transmission. The electric engraving produced by domestic plate manufacturers such as Shanghai Yuncheng, Nanfang plate making, Sanmenxia Lanxue and so on has reached the international advanced level

3. Paper: the substrate of gravure preprint must use coated white paper with good surface smoothness, strong printing adaptability and stable moisture content (6%-7%). The imported coated kraft linerboard and domestic gray bottom whiteboard can meet the paper matching requirements of high-grade color corrugated box face paper. Finnish m real forestry company is famous for producing coated paper with high hygienic standards all over the world. 185g coated paper is widely used on domestic prepress machines, and the quantitative range of paper is 150g-350g/m2. Mead paper industry in the United States has been using 500 grams of raw wood pulp coated kraft linerboard intaglio printing ink "> cartons and beer cans portable cartons. Strength 8 sensors: the equipment that converts all kinds of measured signals into electrical signals exceeds corrugated cartons

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