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Hollysys DCS control system configuration process

engineering configuration is operated in the engineer station. Before engineering configuration, necessary tools and data must be available first, specifically:

tools: refers to the hardware environment and software environment used in engineering configuration, usually refers to the configuration of hardware and software in the engineer station

data: refers to the basic data of engineering configuration. In short, it refers to engineering database (list of measuring points), on-site process control scheme, process flow chart and other relevant engineering system scale data

2, establish the carbon fiber plug-in hybrid "ireze 7" jointly built by Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chery Automobile, and will also appear at the exhibition site. The target project

Step 1, start all procedures of the general control of the project "-" hollia new materials have a wide range, many categories, and miscellaneous varieties s_macs "-" order of the general control of the project

Step 2, after the general control of the new project is started, Automatically load the "open project" dialog box

if a project has been created, you can select the name of the project you want. Otherwise, click "new project" on the general control interface, or start the "new project wizard"

Step 3, add an operation station

Step 4, add a control station

China is willing to cooperate with Mongolia within the framework of the Asian infrastructure investment bank. Station number: click the plus or minus button next to the station number, or enter directly to modify the station number of the control station, and the station number range of the control station is marked above

controller model: click the down arrow and select the controller model to be added

sm220/sm221, support SM series hardware and FM series hardware

fm820/fm821, only FM series hardware is supported

k-cu01/k-cu02, only K series hardware is supported

fan Wenyao, director of the Organizing Committee of the 2010 Autumn national higher education instrument and equipment exhibition and Secretary General of the China Association of higher education, delivered an opening speech. Click the "create project" button to create a new project according to the above configuration information

step 5. Operation station user configuration

after confirming the project management information, the "operation station user configuration" window is displayed. Take AAAA as the user name, for example, set it to engineer authority, and the password is AAAA. Click the "add" button to add the user to the "added users" list

step 6, historical station configuration

the "historical station configuration" window is displayed as shown in the following figure, which assigns "historical station a" and "historical station B" to the corresponding operation stations respectively. The default correspondence is No. 80 operation station (node_80) and No. 81 operation station (node_81). Click to pull down the arrow to select other operation stations

step 7. After the project is successfully created, create a folder with the same name as the project name under the "... Hollias_macsenguser" folder of the configuration software installation directory. The data generated by configuration and compilation of this project are stored in this folder

after the project is created, select the "compile" command under the "tools" menu to preliminarily compile the project. After the compilation is completed, the "project master" window is displayed as shown in the following figure, and the relevant information of the current project is displayed in the window: "current project name", "project name", "domain number" and "total points" information

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