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Li Keqiang: Internet + mass entrepreneurship and innovation + made in China 2025 will give birth to the "new industrial revolution"

according to the Chinese government, Internet + mass entrepreneurship and innovation + made in China 2 will help them reduce the overall size of their products, 025 and combine them to carry out industrial innovation, which will give birth to a new industrial revolution. Li Keqiang emphasized at the executive meeting of the State Council on October 14

he said: in the field of consumption, China's Internet + innovation has taken the lead in the world. In the future, in the field of industry and manufacturing, we should also closely combine made in China 2025 with Internet + and mass entrepreneurship and innovation. This will lead to a new industrial revolution

when talking about the increasing downward pressure on the current economy, especially the serious lack of industrial growth, Li Keqiang stressed that all departments and localities must attach great importance to it, and actively change their development ideas and expand new ways of technological transformation and product innovation. Some enterprises in the United States and Japan are in the forefront of R & D

in the past, when we talked about promoting industrial development and technological transformation and upgrading, we thought it should be the first kind of government. The government cut a piece of money to the enterprise in the form of data, and the engineers inside the enterprise worked hard to solve the key problems. But today's situation is different. Interconnection has created a broad space for us to fully integrate the forces of the whole society. The premier said

at the meeting, he mentioned two cases in his recent grassroots investigation: a maker enterprise in Dalian used the registration platform to gather 280000 engineers to provide solutions for the technological transformation and upgrading of 30000 machine tools; The core design of China nuclear power hualong-1 has gathered more than 500 terminals in more than 20 cities and the strength of nearly 10000 people through interconnection to focus on tackling key problems

I recently read a foreign book about makers, which is not about Internet consumption, but about using Internet to promote technological innovation in industrial enterprises. This is a real new industrial revolution. Li Keqiang said that the core of made in China 2025 is intelligent upgrading, which is a high combination of industrialization and informatization. Therefore, it is necessary to closely combine "made in China 2025" with "Internet + and mass entrepreneurship and innovation" what our technicians will introduce to you is the precautions for the purchase and measurement of pressure testing machines

Li Keqiang stressed that while innovating the way of technological transformation, we should also speed up the reform of enterprises' own systems and mechanisms, pay attention to the use of market-oriented means, promote major reforms such as enterprise mergers and acquisitions, and promote the healthy development of China's industrial modernization. (Fucong)

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