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Cygnet 10kg water cube washing machine tdjjg 556 ⑴ 988 axial loading decadent experimental machine verification method 100ftec how about? Using the January evaluation experience

this little swan 10kg water cube washing machine td100ftec looks forward to the evaluation and recommendation. The Little Swan 10kg water cube washing machine td100ftec, which is a kind of Eastern Grass behind, has been used for a period of time. The sharing experience is as follows: the washing machine is very exquisite, and not many 10kg can achieve this size. Fortunately, the size is relatively small, so I can install it at home. The washing machine is very high-end, silver gray, high-end atmosphere, The sound of dehydration is particularly low. There is only a little sound when it rotates at high speed. It has complete functions. The high-tech ultra micro bubble is very surprising. It also has many functions, such as nano sterilization, air washing, intelligent drying and so on. This is the masterpiece of cygnet's technology accumulation over the years. It is really awesome, and we look forward to its subsequent use

3. The main machine of hydraulic material testing machine should not be transferred during the handling process. More users should comment on the details of advantages and disadvantages for friends in need to choose and refer to

little swan water cube washing machine td100ftec

I. little swan water cube washing machine td100ftec JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 5899.00

JD event quotation link:

little swan water cube washing machine td100ftec

II Little swan water cube washing machine td100ftec configuration parameters:

Product Name: Little Swan td100ftec

Product number:

Product gross weight: 76.0kg

product origin: Chinese Mainland

drainage type: upper drainage

washing capacity: 10kg and above

energy efficiency grade: first class energy efficiency

height: above 90cm

user preferences: Jingpin washing machine, high-end washing machine, new washing machine, Sterilization

width: 55 Cm

motor type: frequency conversion (energy saving)

color: Silver

product type: washing and drying in one

feature recommendation: drum washing machine, washing and drying in one

little swan water cube washing machine td100ftec

III. little swan water cube washing machine uses vernier caliper or micrometer to measure the width and thickness of the middle of the sample td100ftec other user comments:

appearance: very advanced. It's quiet. The installer is also very professional. He came to the door soon after making an appointment. Also teach how to use. The washing machine has a high appearance value, and the gray one is also dirt resistant. It won't look like the white one. It turns yellow after a long time. Also, the machine is really heavy. My family lives on the third floor without an elevator, and the delivery guy almost didn't come up.. Try other functions. Hot selling it digital shopping guide members feel that the cleaning effect: it is still trying, and will be reviewed later

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