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Sunplus introduces SVPWM application scheme to enhance timing counter and PWM output function

recently, Sunplus technology, the world's 12th largest IC design company, announced that it will launch SVPWM application scheme based on its 16 bit industrial single chip spmc75 series chip

with the development of computer technology and power electronics technology, variable frequency drive technology is more and more widely used in the field of AC speed regulation with its excellent performance. At present, sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) technology is mainly used in the research of domestic high-frequency inverter. In recent years, non sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology of injecting zero sequence signal into sinusoidal wave has appeared. Voltage space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) is a new type of pulse width modulation technology. Its linear modulation is 15% higher than SPWM, and its output harmonic is small. Because the real-time algorithm of space vector control contains multiple multiplication operations and matrix operations, which makes the amount of computation large, the requirements for CPU operation speed and data processing technology are higher

Sunplus spmc75 Series MCU is a 16 bit high-performance general-purpose MCU designed and developed by Sunplus technology company. It has strong anti-interference ability, rich and easy-to-use resources and excellent structure, especially the enhanced timing counter and PWM output function. This series of MCU adopts an efficient 16 bit u 'NSP core, which supports multiplication, multiplication accumulation, 32/16 bit division, fir and other high-performance operations; Two interrupt modes are supported. It can easily generate SPWM wave, space voltage vector PWM (SVPWM) and other motor driving waveforms

in addition to having a high-performance CPU, spmc75 Series MCU also integrates a variety of functional modules: multi-functional i/o port, synchronous and asynchronous serial port, high-performance ADC, ordinary timing counter, multi-functional acquisition and comparison module, BLDC motor drive special position detection interface, two-phase incremental encoder interface, P (2) selective load level WM generator that can generate various motor drive waveforms, etc. At the same time, spmc75 series microcontroller integrates 32K words flash and 2K words SRAM

with these hardware support, spmc75 series single chip microcomputer can complete complex applications such as household electric variable frequency drive, standard industrial variable frequency drive, multi loop servo drive system and so on

price and supply:

at present, spmc75 series chips are available, which can provide a variety of packaging forms, such as qfp80, qfp64, lqfp44, sdip42, etc. at the same time, environment (unsp IDE) and motor debugging tool (DMC tool) are provided free of charge to facilitate customers' efficient product design. Please consult Lingyang SCM Promotion Center for relevant prices. For more technical support information or purchase information about spmc75 series chips, please log in or call 010 - and the effects of vibration include: 1. Strength of structure 2. Loosening of bonds 3. Wear of protective materials 8-2930/2931/2932/2933 for consultation

about Sunplus Technology:

Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's largest consumer IC design company. It masters IC circuit design and application software and simultaneity design technology, independently researches and develops, and provides customers with perfect products and services in the "full customer commissioned design mode", so that products have the characteristics of a small amount of diversity and are difficult to immediately replace 10000 and 20000 tons of production capacity at regular intervals. The company has developed diversified product lines by using sub micron technology, multimedia audio and video, single chip microprocessor, digital signal processor (DSP) and other core technologies. At present, the main products include LCD IC, microcontroller IC, multimedia IC, voice, music IC and various ASICs, which are expanding year by year. For more information, please visit

for relevant technical support information or purchase information of "Sunplus spmc75 series chips", please log in: or call 010 - 2930/2931/2932/2933 for consultation

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