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Linghua technology released the intelligent manufacturing solution DEX

Beijing, November 16, 2017 -- Linghua technology, the leading brand manufacturer of global edge computing solutions, released the latest edge to cloud joint manufacturing solution, dex-100 machine equipment information collection system, on November 14, 2017, so that the information of traditional old machine equipment based on PC can be connected, moving towards a new era of joint manufacturing

dex-100 machine equipment information acquisition system

for a long time, major manufacturers have expected to develop a real standard native solution, provide a simple and effective machine equipment information connection with the "new material industry development guide" jointly formulated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and technology and the Ministry of finance, and focus on improving operational efficiency, while increasing the proportion of value-added products. Linghua technology is honored to provide corresponding contributions and launch a cost-effective solution to seamlessly import existing operating old equipment into the industrial 4.0 standard

with a single solution, Linghua technology dex-100 serves a variety of PC based machine equipment types. Using the built-in optical character recognition (OCR) function, it integrates various machine equipment using different protocols into a collection method. Through vga/dvi output, it integrates various device protocols that many people may not know what the experimental machine is doing into a single standard and expandable interface

in addition, although rumors continue, dex-100 has built-in simple and easy-to-use system setting tools, which can help system integrators quickly import clients, truly achieve an end-to-end solution that is scalable, non intrusive, easy to operate, and real-time sharing, and help factories effectively connect unconnected PC based old machines and equipment, and accurately practice smart factories

dex-100 contains a high-performance, quad core Intel Atom x7-e3950 processor, combined with Intel cyclone V FPGA solution. Through the information acquisition and conversion platform of Huake technology, which has completed the annual capacity reduction task this year, and has not actually reduced production this year, it creates a truly immediately available package combination, which can collect information in all directions, convert the protocol simply and conveniently, and easily connect OT and it

rob risany, executive deputy general manager of IOT strategic solutions and technology division of Linghua technology, said: connecting and integrating existing equipment protocols to form a scalable single solution has always been difficult. Linghua technology dex-100 can connect unconnected old machines and equipment in series to help the manufacturing industry move forward to intelligent manufacturing

Linghua technology dex-100 industrial 4.0 solution can be realized:

integrate multiple platforms into a single mode through OCR

unify the old equipment protocol, and output it into a single standard and fully scalable interface through vga/dvi

share data in real time through data distribution software (DDS)

non intrusive solution to minimize downtime

no need to set additional programs, easy to build All management functions are available

customized user tools that can debug programs offline/remotely to maximize operational efficiency

realize a smart factory in a cost-effective way

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