Hottest Little Swan Beverly bvl1d100tg610

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How about cygnet Beverly bvl1d100tg6 10 kg automatic washing and drying? Start with the evaluation

(1) after reading several washing machines that finally chose Beverly, I was very satisfied with both style and function. The introduction of customer service Xiaoman was also very detailed and in place, and the delivery was also very fast. It was said that it was from the 21st to the 20th. The installer was also very careful and detailed. Zui Gaoke had a very good shopping in 9999 hours

(2) the size of the installed ion current is also different. It's good to use it immediately. It's really different! It's easy to use. The drying function is not used for the time being. Many functions are very humanized

(3) the sound is small and the washing is clean. The clothes dried out are fluffy and comfortable. But to promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, I haven't found anything better than ordinary ones. Where is it so expensive... Shopping guide Xiaozhi service

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