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Intelligent manufacturing helps instrument and meter enterprises improve quality and efficiency industrial information security cannot be ignored

at present, a new round of industrial reform represented by intelligent manufacturing is developing rapidly, and digitalization, networking and intelligence are increasingly becoming the main development direction of the manufacturing industry

intelligent manufacturing can greatly help enterprises improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce product production costs and resource consumption. In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, improve quality and efficiency, in May 2015, the State Council issued made in China 2025, which clearly stated that intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of China's manufacturing development and a new driving force for economic growth

intelligent manufacturing helps enterprises improve quality and efficiency

as an important part of China's manufacturing industry, the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing also greatly affects the process of "made in China 2025". As one of the leading enterprises in China's instrument and meter industry, Weisheng group clearly proposed "building a leading intelligent manufacturing capability" as one of the five core competitiveness of the enterprise in the fourth five year strategic plan

in 2016, Weisheng group introduced intelligent production lines and Intelligent Collaborative robots, which realized man-machine cooperation, automatic flexible assembly, and automatic logistics transfer between processes, quickly seized the highland of Intelligent Manufacturing in the instrument and meter industry, and became the only enterprise in the industry that obtained the national key special projects and pilot demonstrations of intelligent manufacturing at the same time. Nowadays, intelligent manufacturing has become a new engine to boost the development of Weisheng group

in addition to Weisheng group, instrument and meter enterprises including Tiankang Group Co., Ltd., Hollysys Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Co., Ltd., Fujian Shunchang Hongrun Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. are also actively practicing intelligent manufacturing, improving enterprise competitiveness and obtaining higher production benefits

security, the core content of intelligent manufacturing

intelligent manufacturing has become a hot spot in the current manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing is a high integration of information technology and industrial manufacturing technology. When the whole product cycle is connected through interconnection, the importance of industrial information security is self-evident

recently, the smart factory of Apple chip OEM TSMC was attacked by computer viruses, resulting in the shutdown of several factories. Fixture design 1 has always been in a passive situation. Some media pointed the reason for the attack on the enterprise industrial network to intelligent manufacturing. For a time, the concept of "smart factory" and the security of "industrial interconnection" became the focus

Su Hua, President of Infineon technology Greater China, said that in industry 4.0, there is no safety, and everything is on paper. Benefiting from intelligent manufacturing, enterprises can reduce costs and enjoy huge benefits while improving productivity, flexibility and product quality. But at the same time, the interconnected automatic chemical plants also contain "virtual doors". If they are not properly protected, they may encounter intrusion, resulting in operation interruption, forced shutdown, and even access and theft of intellectual property, proprietary technology, customer information, etc

since 2015, the annual growth rate of industrial information security incidents in the world has exceeded 17.2% and nearly 300 cases, and the industrial field has become the "hardest hit area" of cyber attacks. According to the monitoring data of the national industrial information security development research center, more than 95% of the more than 3000 industrial control systems exposed to the Internet in China have vulnerabilities, which can be easily controlled remotely, and about 20% of the important industrial control systems can be remotely invaded and completely taken over

in addition, the current protection technology of China's industrial enterprises is still relatively backward. The national industrial information security development research center found through security monitoring that the information security emergency preparedness means of industrial enterprises are insufficient, and about 70% of the surveyed enterprises lack a perfect disaster preparedness system

in order to speed up the construction of China's industrial control system information security assurance system, improve the information security protection ability of industrial enterprises' industrial control systems, and promote the development of industrial information security industry, in December 2017, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "industrial control system information security action plan (year)", from the level of security management, situational awareness, security protection ability, emergency response ability Make specific actions on information security of industrial control system in terms of product development capability

on January 26, 2018, the intelligent manufacturing information security fatigue testing machine is a high-tech equipment professional committee was established in Beijing Institute of computer technology and application. The Special Committee aims to promote the rapid development of information security and promote the integrated development of intelligent manufacturing industry and network security industry

the general trend of intelligent manufacturing is irreversible

no matter whether industrial information security incidents will occur again in the future, the successful maiden flight of c919101 machines in both intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection in Shanghai on May 5 this year is an irreversible trend, thanks to the more efficient operation of intelligent manufacturing. For example, after Weisheng group introduced intelligent production lines and Intelligent Collaborative robots, the production quality of products was greatly improved, the per capita production efficiency was increased by more than 150%, the production cycle was shortened by more than 84%, the energy utilization rate was increased by more than 15%, and the unqualified rate of products was reduced by more than 45%

it is difficult to eliminate the risk of industrial information security in a short time. When implementing intelligent manufacturing, instrument and meter enterprises should constantly improve the awareness of enterprise network security, improve the level of enterprise network security, upgrade and transform the network security of the running system, and carry out regular testing, so that intelligent manufacturing can better serve enterprise production

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