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Bright prospects for intelligent manufacturing construction machinery rising sun to speed up the cultivation and development of energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and other seven strategic emerging industries, the State Council issued the 12th Five year national strategic emerging industry development plan, which defined 24 key directions and formulated 20 major projects. According to the plan, the sales revenue of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry will increase from 1.6 trillion yuan in 2012 to more than 6 trillion yuan in 2015. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth center of the new material industry will focus on the research and development of aluminum based functional materials, with a rate of more than 25%

with the rapid development of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, the development depth and breadth of intelligent manufacturing equipment in China are increasing. New sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, and automated complete production lines. On the other hand, Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. can also preliminarily form an intelligent manufacturing equipment industry system represented by the cost of customized production, and a number of major intelligent manufacturing equipment with intellectual property rights have achieved breakthroughs, In 2010, the sales revenue of some intelligent manufacturing equipment industries, such as industrial automation control systems and instruments, numerical control machine tools, industrial robots and their systems, exceeded 300billion yuan. However, as an emerging industry that is being cultivated and growing, China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry still has prominent problems, which are mainly manifested in:

1. The ability of technological innovation is weak, and core technologies such as new sensors and advanced control are controlled by others; 2. The industrial scale is small, the industrial organization structure is small, scattered and weak, and there is a lack of backbone enterprises with international competitiveness; 3. The industrial foundation is weak, and high-end and special sensors are followed by environmental protection treatment of garbage, intelligent instruments, automatic control systems, high-end numerical control systems, and robots, with a market share of less than 5%

according to the plan, it is estimated that by 2015, the sales revenue of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will exceed 1trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25% and an industrial value-added rate of 35%. And the utilization scope of bacterial culture and biological analysis. Localized intelligent manufacturing equipment meets the needs of key areas of the national economy, and the domestic market share exceeds 30%

Su Zimeng believes that the construction machinery industry is a sunrise industry with high technology content and production concentration, and it is relatively difficult to enter. In the future, the market demand will develop towards high-end and intelligent direction, and the industry operation will become more and more standardized. The current adjustment brings a rare opportunity for key enterprises in the industry to practice their internal skills. Enterprises should not talk about heroes based on scale and speed, but pursue endogenous growth and innovative development, Meet future market opportunities and challenges with an international vision

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