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Smart lighting creates a better home

on November 28, at the MIDC · 2018 Xiaomi aiot developer conference held in Beijing, IKEA, the world's leading household goods retailer, announced that it would work with Xiaomi to launch its smart lighting solutions in China. This is also the first time IKEA has carried out product cooperation with China Internet Corporation to better meet the needs of consumers in the field of smart home

key words: cooperative innovation

on November 21, IKEA launched its largest transformation project in history to adapt to the rapidly changing retail market and create a new IKEA for customers and employees in the next three years. To achieve this goal, Ikea will continue to enhance its ability to provide value-added services to customers with an open mind through innovation and digitalization. The cooperation with Xiaomi is one of IKEA's efforts to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers

Anna Pawlak kuliga, President of IKEA Retail China, said, "we are very happy to cooperate with Xiaomi, China's leading smart home brand, to introduce our smart lighting solutions to Chinese consumers at an affordable price. In the next three years, we will better meet consumers' needs for more convenient shopping methods and more affordable products through more cooperation."

key words: convenient and affordable

as an expert in home solutions, IKEA has realized the growing demand of consumers in the field of smart home, so it launched IKEA smart home product series, combining its rich home knowledge with existing technology, with the goal of providing smart home products that are simple to operate and affordable. "Cross border cooperation can improve the accessibility of smart home technology, so finding new partners is an important way to optimize the customer experience. We are very happy that engineers and developers can make correct decisions about the use of their products and the raw materials and processes used in production, and cooperate with Xiaomi, so that Chinese consumers can use IKEA's trdfri truffy intelligent lighting products through Xiaomi's equipment." Bjrn block, head of IKEA's global smart home business, said

IKEA intelligent lighting products are very simple to install and use, without rewiring or professional installation. What consumers need to do is to replace old bulbs with IKEA trdfri truffy smart LED bulbs. As long as the caliber is the same, trdfri truffy LED bulbs can be used for any lamp, even old-fashioned electric lamps. With the product that can expand the data collection channel, consumers can freely adjust the light intensity, temperature, remote control and customize their own personalized lighting scheme. Building: plastic building materials are non-toxic and recyclable

key words: high quality experience

Mr. Fan Dian, general manager of IOT (IOT) Platform Department of Xiaomi group, said: "IKEA is a very admirable company. We are very happy to cooperate with IKEA, so that all Micah users can experience the convenience brought by IKEA's intelligent lighting solution in their smart home life. At the same time, trdfri truffy users can also interact with various sensors, home appliances, AI walkie talkies and other devices connected to Xiaomi IOT platform through trdfri truffy, so as to have a different home Home experience. Open cooperation is an important strategy of Xiaomi IOT platform. We hope to work with more excellent companies to build an interconnected IOT ecosystem and provide consumers with a better and better experience. "

IKEA intelligent lighting solution will be compatible with Xiaomi in December, 2018

original title: smart lighting creates a beautiful home

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