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Intelligent manufacturing "ecosystem" quietly expanded

after withstanding the stress test of the epidemic, how can China's manufacturing industry find new value points and adapt to the new market environment? Undoubtedly, in the face of complex and volatile market environment and rapidly developing technology, accelerating digital and intelligent empowerment is not only an inevitable option for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, but also an objective need for the in-depth adjustment of the current global industrial chain. To achieve high-quality development in building a new development pattern, China's intelligent manufacturing ecosystem is constantly enriched and expanded

made in Jiangsu drives into the digital fast lane

□ sun Yin Nanjing report

using the algorithm model of xuelangyun industrial interconnection platform, the accuracy of predictive maintenance of bromine refrigerator equipment of Wuxi Shuangliang group has been improved from 50% to 90%; The efficient weaving intelligent warp knitting production line developed by Changzhou Wuyang textile machinery has successfully broken the monopoly of foreign equipment and helped enterprises rank among the top in the global industry; In order to produce children's car safety seats with the highest safety performance in the world, Suzhou haoxiaoren has collected more than 10TB real vehicle crash test data and made nearly 3000 analyses

through keywords such as intelligent industrial interconnection data, it can be seen that Jiangsu enterprises continue to accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation, improve the competitiveness of products and services, promote cost reduction and efficiency increase, and achieve risk control, while also driving the manufacturing industry towards the middle and high end. Jiangsu is a major manufacturing province, and its manufacturing output value accounts for nearly one seventh of the country. Accelerating digital empowerment is not only an inevitable option for the transformation and upgrading of Jiangsu's manufacturing industry, but also an objective need for the current in-depth adjustment of the global industrial chain

Suzhou Industrial Park. Photo by Li Bo

seize the new opportunities of digitalization

pioneer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., which started with the production of capacitor equipment, transformed into the field of new energy in 2008 to provide automation equipment for lithium battery and photovoltaic enterprises. Although it is a non-standard equipment enterprise, leading intelligence is still the first in the industry to start the information construction, build its own leading cloud and big data center, and integrate the application of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PDM (Product Data Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System), so as to digitize all processes of the company

this change not only makes the leading intelligence gradually replace or even surpass the world's first-class competitors, but also "thus speeding up the intellectualization process of downstream lithium battery manufacturers. Leading intelligence has equipped the self-developed MES system in the whole line of lithium battery production equipment to help lithium battery manufacturers build a digital intelligent factory and improve their cost and quality

in addition to traditional manufacturing enterprises such as leading intelligence, which have achieved breakthroughs through self evolution, there are also a number of enterprises with their own digital genes serving and enabling manufacturing enterprises in Jiangsu

on July 8 this year, the industrial interconnection Industry Alliance officially released the list of the second batch of star rated platforms for the functional performance evaluation of industrial interconnection platforms. Hanclouds industrial interconnection platform developed by Hanyun technology under Lanxin technology group was selected as the five-star platform of industrial interconnection

at the time of its establishment, Lanxin technology took software information system as its main business. In 2018, Lanxin technology established its subsidiary Hanyun technology and launched its core product hanclouds industrial interconnection platform, which provides a service system based on massive data collection, aggregation and analysis for the digitalization, networking and intelligence needs of the manufacturing industry, helping industrial enterprises quickly establish remote connection and management capabilities and realize the value-added of enterprise products. As of January 2020, hanclouds industrial Internet platform has accessed more than 3000 enterprises and more than 15 million active devices

XCMG information Hanyun industrial interconnection platform, Nanjing Iron and Steel Group Nile industrial interconnection platform, xuelangyun, melodious cloud by the end of 2019, the number of enterprises in Jiangsu Province on the cloud has exceeded 250000, the number of star level enterprises on the cloud has exceeded 3000, 34 benchmark factories have been built, and 11 interconnection + advanced manufacturing feature industrial bases have been created

traditional manufacturing enterprises and information technology enterprises are driving together, seizing new opportunities for digitalization and driving more manufacturing enterprises to join the ranks of intelligence. According to the latest data of Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Jiangsu Province has cultivated 1055 provincial intelligent workshops, 30 intelligent factories, 68 leading institutions of intelligent manufacturing services, and 11 intelligent manufacturing solution supplier projects have been approved by the state, accounting for 18% of the country

digitalization wakes up the manufacturing industry

insiders said that facing the complex and volatile market environment and rapidly developing technology, it is more necessary to wake up the manufacturing industry with digitalization, excavate the pain points of enterprises, and solve real problems for enterprises

5g new technology creates more new possibilities. Mai Yanzhou, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of China Unicom Group Co., Ltd., believes that digitalization lies in the construction of new infrastructure such as 5g, industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence, on the one hand, and in the use of these infrastructure to upgrade traditional industries and facilities and endow them with digitalization. For example, 5g, combined with big data, cloud computing and other technologies, will help connect everything and enable thousands of industries

best, which manufactures auto parts, uses 5g in the quality inspection process, so that the image data processing process of industrial visual inspection can be completed within, improving safety and efficiency; Suzhou Kunhou Automation Technology Co., Ltd. will apply 5g+mec (edge computing) technology to the production line, greatly improve the performance of AGV (automatic guided vehicle), and shorten the deployment time of the production line system by more than 90%

since this year, Jiangsu Telecom, Jiangsu Mobile and other telecom operators have accelerated the implementation of 5g+ industrial interconnection platforms to provide integrated end-to-end industrial interconnection solutions for manufacturing enterprises and find new breakthroughs. By the end of June, the number of 5g base stations in Jiangsu Province had reached 41000

from production to service, digital empowerment creates new value points. Digitalization is only a means of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. The key is to improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise production, management, marketing and other links, find new value points, and innovate business models

the failure time of Changzhou Plastics will reduce the equipment startup and shutdown time, failure frequency, product production cycle and other information and data collected by Tianzheng industry relying on its own industrial IOT platform. It has developed a set of credit investigation model, which effectively solves the problem that small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to obtain credit from financial institutions due to the lack of financial data. At present, there are more than 20000 users of small, medium and micro enterprises accessed by Tianzheng industry, and this service alone accounts for 70% of the revenue

XCMG has found a new direction to improve the competitiveness of products by analyzing the big data accumulated by intelligent products. XCMG group carries out full life cycle monitoring of its products, including real-time monitoring of equipment working condition information, remote fault diagnosis and other contents, realizing precise marketing of spare parts, improving product research and development, and optimizing process manufacturing parameters, thereby reducing the full life cycle cost of customers and enhancing customer stickiness

give full play to digital advantages to ensure chain stability. Affected by the COVID-19, at the beginning of this year, most enterprises were faced with the thorny problem of temporary disruption of the industrial chain and supply chain. Starting from the key nodes of the industrial chain and supply chain, Jiangsu province encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to actively sort out the upstream and downstream supporting enterprises of the industrial chain by relying on the industrial Internet platform, and promotes the collaborative resumption of work and production. By March 14, a total of 45000 above designated industrial enterprises in the province had resumed work, with a resumption surface of 99.6%, of which more than 90% of 23 key industrial chains, such as automobiles, integrated circuits, construction machinery, robots, and software

leading enterprises with a leading degree of digitalization have become the pioneers in stabilizing and maintaining the chain. Based on Hanyun industrial Internet platform, XCMG information allocated epidemic prevention materials such as body temperature guns and masks for small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong by coordinating resources; Provide information management solutions for regional epidemic prevention and control, facilitate the resumption of work and production of industrial enterprises such as engineering machinery and high-end equipment manufacturing, and play the role of industrial interconnection capacity sharing and cross regional cooperation

jointly promote the upgrading of manufacturing industry

manufacturing moves towards intelligent manufacturing, based on digitalization. In recent years, Jiangsu Province has vigorously promoted the construction of a strong network Province, deeply implemented key projects such as broadband Jiangsu, wireless Jiangsu and HD Jiangsu, and comprehensively built an optical city. 4G network and narrowband IOT have basically achieved full urban and rural coverage. In 2020, Jiangsu will build another 52000 5g base stations to achieve full coverage of urban areas and industrial parks above the provincial level

at the fourth future network development conference held in Nanjing not long ago, Liu Yunjie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of Zijinshan laboratory, said that the Internet entered the second half and accelerated its integration into the real economy, which requires both big connection and certainty

it is understood that Zijinshan laboratory, in close cooperation with Huawei, has achieved delay jitter control of less than 100 microseconds over a transmission distance of more than 2000 kilometers for the first time in the world by using the future network architecture, network operating system and Huawei dip equipment. Having a definite network service capability will lay the foundation for the ultra long-distance industrial interconnection and the integration of interconnection into the real economy to achieve greater success. Liu Yunjie said

Zijinshan laboratory, which focuses on the field of network communication and security, is just a puzzle in the digital transformation of Jiangsu manufacturing industry. Nanjing has one of the few hundred billion level software industry bases in China (Nanjing) software valley; Suzhou has implemented the construction plan of advanced technology research institutes for large enterprises and leading enterprises, and the construction of the first batch of 20 advanced technology research institutes has achieved remarkable results; Wuxi carried out the intelligent improvement action of Taihu talent plan. At the 2020 Taihu talent summit of "pain points" of China's new materials held in early August, Wuxi City gave a top support award of 100million yuan to Ding Han, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who has overcome a number of core key technologies of intelligent manufacturing and industrial IOT

at the provincial level, Jiangsu Province has issued a number of policy documents such as the "Jiangsu Province enterprise interconnection improvement plan", "Implementation Opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing development and industrial interconnection", and organized the implementation of the special action for the future of digital mobility and the transformation and upgrading plan of Tencent driving digital software enterprises, released the catalogue of key common technologies in the high-end software and information service industry in Jiangsu Province, and promoted the development of industrial software, industrial big data, industrial cloud service platforms Key generic technology innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence software technology

the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology said that years of practice has shown that giving full play to the main role of enterprises, mobilizing the enthusiasm of enterprises, cultivating and introducing compound talents who understand production and manufacturing, enterprise management and informatization, developing system solution suppliers, and transforming from single service single combat to multi service group army joint operations are the key to realizing the intelligent and digital transformation of manufacturing industry

Shanghai: Industrial interconnection applications accelerate the landing

□ Chen Aiping Shanghai report

with the acceleration of new infrastructure construction, 5g+ industrial interconnection applications accelerate the landing

in the high-end CNC equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology integration verification base of Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd., a CNC machine tool with a height of about 3 meters and an area of about 15 square meters buzzed. On the computer screen connected to the machine tool, the vibration amplitude curve of the machine is displayed in real time. This is one of 5g+ industrial interconnection applications, which can better monitor and verify the stability of the machine tool

38 sensors are set in the machine tool in the production line verification area. If the machine tool fails, he added, the information collected by the sensors such as the vibration amplitude of the equipment will change. Jianghucheng, the project manager of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute, who participated in the deployment of relevant applications, said that these information are high-frequency data, and each single sensor

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