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With the development of social economy, there have been a series of problems, such as traffic congestion, high frequency of traffic accidents, traffic environmental pollution, traffic chaos and so on, which have seriously affected the current social and economic development and people's lives. At the same time, the construction of traffic facilities is generally lagging behind, so it is necessary to solve these problems, It is also urgent. Intelligent transportation high frequency experiment management system (ITS) refers to providing technical methods other than the construction of non road facilities to solve these problems. Intelligent traffic management system (ITS) considers all elements of traffic from the perspective of system and overall scope, so as to achieve the organic combination of people, roads and vehicles, so as to realize the "intellectualization" of traffic management, greatly improve the efficiency of traffic, ensure traffic safety and protect the traffic environment. And in order to promote the development of its industry in China, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of communications. The Ministry of railways, the Ministry of public security and other national ministries and commissions have jointly established a national intelligent transportation system (ITS) coordination steering group, which is fully committed to the industrialization of its in China. It is expected that the industrialization of its in China will enter the domestic mining market in a short time or continue the low-level operation process. At present, many colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, companies and enterprises are pouring into this field. Whether from the technical level or from the system integration, China's its industry is in the primary stage of development, and China's traffic management is also entering a period of transformation and reform

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Global Management of transportation system

the problems of traffic management basically exist in any city, mainly in the overall situation and region. Trunk line and single point. Due to the lack of historical experience in traffic management in China, the planning of road facilities is lack of scientificity. It can be said that most cities in China have inherent deficiencies in the overall planning. To solve such problems, TS technology can only be improved, but it can not be fundamentally solved. It is only 10000 years too long. Therefore, only from the perspective of the public security traffic management department, the enthusiasm of using liver s technology services to solve the overall problems is low

regional management of traffic system

this is a management field that is widely valued and increasing investment in current traffic management. Its characteristics are obvious effect, short cycle, less investment and saving police force. The traffic management department is very interested in this

trunk line and single point management of transportation system

at present, China's cities are basically popularized in trunk line and single point, but the technical level is uneven. Most of them are in manual or semi manual control state, and do not have the characteristics of system integration. The market mainly exists in the single point shaping of image intersections and the transformation of special trunk lines

public security management of the transportation system

the public security management system is the guarantee for the maintenance of local public security, which can improve the efficiency of the public security traffic management department in dealing with relevant public security cases, in line with the current policy guidance of "rejuvenating the police through science and technology", and in line with the actual needs of various places

application of the system

traffic violation management system

traffic violation management system is a management system used to capture illegal vehicles at intersections. When the vehicle is "speeding" or "running a red light", the system automatically captures the image of the vehicle and the number plate of the vehicle. The type, color, speed and speed of the vehicle are recorded in the database, and uploaded to the traffic violation handling department for review in time. After printing, the management system of the violation owner is informed, Features: "The image is clear, the retrieval is convenient, the number plate is automatically recognized, the police force is saved, the storage capacity is large, the system is stable, etc.

the intelligent checkpoint public security management system

this system is composed of several urban marginal public security cards. Two single checkpoints record and store the traffic in real time, automatically recognize the license plate number, and establish a database. It has a convenient retrieval function, which can pre-set the alarm for suspected vehicles, and strengthen the monitoring of cities Public security management of vehicles, cracking down on smuggling, warning signs, and failure to conduct annual inspections. Scrapped and stolen vehicles

parking lot security management system

the system is composed of multiple parking lots, and each parking lot has a charging function mm;, The function of automatic license plate recognition, recording and storage. The characteristics of all incoming and parked vehicles are recorded at the effective time. Under the unified command of the traffic management department, useful data are provided to the police through manual disk delivery or network transmission, which helps the traffic police department to strengthen the management of vehicles in the city and does not give any respite to illegal and suspected vehicles

vehicle detection management system

the system adopts a closed management mode. When the vehicle is inspected annually, the number plate, model and color of the vehicle to be tested are first identified by video, and the performance is consistent with the basic data in the vehicle management information base, then the system can enter the normal detection procedure. This system is mainly to prevent the existence of vehicles that have passed the annual inspection without vehicle detection, and is conducive to the joint detection of different areas of vehicles

railway security management system

the system mainly applies the hard seat carriage of the dry train, and transmits all the images monitored by the train to the monitoring center through video monitoring and image transmission. The system has strong practicability, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of crimes on the train, reduce the police force, and provide clues and evidence for railway security and criminal investigation

highway monitoring and management system

the system implements real-time monitoring of highway traffic conditions, ensures the safe and normal driving of vehicles through traffic flow information sources and speed measurement, and adopts rapid detection for traffic accidents, so as to alleviate the obstruction caused by emergencies, reduce human interference, and improve the traffic capacity of the road

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