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Intelligent lighting lights up the light of life helvar shows the beauty of energy efficiency

intelligent lighting lights up intelligent life

lighting can not only light up physical substances, but also be an important element to render the environment and highlight the atmosphere. No matter the lighting of residential apartments, or the lighting of large museums and commercial complexes, there is a higher demand for lighting. However, most of the traditional lighting systems need generic cabling. The lamps have a short service life and consume energy, which can not meet people's needs for modern lighting, and the emergence of intelligent lighting has greatly improved these needs

with the development of economy and technology, the status of intelligent lighting is also improving, and it is widely used in various scenes. The so-called intelligent lighting refers to the distributed lighting control system composed of IOT technology, wired/wireless communication technology, power carrier communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving control technology to realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment

with the development of artificial intelligence, IOT and other technologies, the intelligent lighting industry has ushered in new development opportunities, and the market scale is constantly expanding. According to data, the market size of the global intelligent lighting industry exceeded US $11.9 billion in 2017. It is estimated that the global smart lighting market will reach US $14.878 billion in 2018 and US $26.7 billion in 2020, of which the market size of lamps and related accessories is about US $9.2 billion, accounting for more than 6%, and the compound annual growth rate is more than 20.9%

helvar, the global leader in the field of intelligent lighting

in the rising intelligent lighting industry, there have also emerged some representative enterprises, among which helvar (Ouhua) is one of the representatives. Helvar was founded in Finland, a Nordic country, in 1921. From the beginning, it was responsible for the import and export business between Finland and Poland, and later in the 1950s, it began to produce inductive ballasts for fluorescent lamps; Then in 1970, helvar began to focus on lighting components and lighting systems

helvar always adheres to the people-oriented intelligent lighting concept, and has been committed to providing customers with high-standard products and services for many years, gradually becoming an expert in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Helvar actively develops and innovates, with professional knowledge, products and solutions, which can help lamp manufacturers and lighting designers make the right choice in the rapidly changing lighting market

helvar products and solutions contribute to energy efficiency

helvar provides products and services to customers in more than 40 countries, with a wide range of products, including lighting control and lamp components, among which lamp components include LED drivers and modules, which are mainly used for fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps and electronic and inductive ballasts of sensors

helvar's products can be used as a single component or combined into the lighting system to achieve intelligent solutions. The scope of application covers hotels, hospitals, offices, art galleries, cruise ships, schools and other areas, and the scene selection is rich and diverse

helvar's products are particularly well used in cruise projects. Cruise ships are like micro cities swimming on the sea, which have higher requirements for lighting and energy saving, which is also a challenge for helvar. However, with its excellent lighting control device, helvar has given its partners great confidence. The world's largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean cruise ship Oasis of the sea, also chose helvar products. The helvar lighting control system enables the cruise ship to achieve a comprehensive combination of audio-visual and entertainment systems, changing the internal and external atmosphere of the cruise ship oil refining industry will gradually transform from fuel industry to raw material industry, meeting the efficiency of the cruise ship for commercial lighting control system and meeting the versatility required by large leisure places. The design of lighting scene follows the circadian rhythm of passengers and ships; Manual and automatic lighting brightness, lighting scene and personnel presence detection can create the maximum energy-saving effect

helvar lighting solutions can be extended to almost any size installation or application. Helvar lighting system provides lighting control and energy management solutions for commercial and architectural applications based on open system technology, which helps to integrate with other building services

energy saving is a topic inseparable from intelligent lighting. In terms of energy saving, helvar can provide users with a series of energy-saving lighting solutions. Helvar's lighting system will count the power used and report the lighting time. The lighting system of helvar can be automated. If there is no movement in the space, the lighting will be dimmed and finally turned off. Taking the library as an example, using helvar products will save 70% to 80% of energy consumption

professional products and solutions provided by helvar

intelligent control sensors

helvar provides a series of sensors for lamp installation, which provide additional energy-saving effects for helvar LED drivers and electronic controllable ballasts


idim orbit is an optical sensor, which is compatible with Dali. It is very suitable for corridors, classrooms, and large open and cellular offices where our products sincerely recruit dealers, middlemen, and direct customers to inquire about experimental models. The lighting level can be automatically adjusted according to people's walking back and forth. It can be controlled locally through a switch. It can be easily adjusted by connecting with the app. It can also share and backup the lighting configuration file through email or cloud

idim orbit ob-1501

idim orbit ob-1101

product solutions

image- lighting management solutions

image provides lighting control solutions for energy-saving commercial lighting and the most advanced building lighting applications, showing a very high degree of freedom. Image is flexible and scalable, suitable for single rooms to large buildings. As a network lighting management solution, using Dali, yitaihe DMX and other open standards, image can be integrated into the building management system

idim small intelligent application solutions

the idim series of helvar provides a perfect choice for intelligent independent solutions. The idim solution is easy to install and requires little or no configuration. Idim products are very suitable for new or renovated projects, providing intelligent energy-saving functions to ensure the comfort of users

illustris power launched by helvar is a new touch sensitive lighting control solution, which is specially designed for various types of single rooms. It has a fashionable appearance and is easy to install. It can provide users with humanized lighting services, which is cost-effective

illustris power can be used out of the box in any compatible room. The lighting control is intuitive and convenient without additional programming. Basic programming such as storing and adjusting lighting scenes can be completed directly on the panel. Illustras power also allows users to choose between four preset lighting scenes and different light intensities, or simply rotate their fingers on the color temperature wheel to provide users with choices to adapt to the living environment

digidim programmable scheme

digidim has comprehensive functions. From a single room to a large area, digidim has rich and diverse loads and user interfaces, and can program any part or area. Local users can also control it through the touch panel. Digidim is suitable for dimming modules and output units of all common load types. Its design is very flexible. It adopts DIN guide rails and wall mounted integrated chassis, and can support up to 64 Dali devices. Each system can be configured with up to 16 groups, and each load can be programmed for up to 15 scenarios

residential case 375 Kensington High Street

the luxury apartment and penthouse at 375 Kensington Street are located in the center of Kensington and Chelsea Royal Borough. Each residence uses the best quality building materials and the highest level of design style, and combines with the latest innovative technology to create the most comfortable modern urban life

the apartment uses the latest Dali lighting control system of helvar, so that each apartment can get the appropriate lighting scene by touching the button. The lighting control system is also combined with the audio-visual system in each luxury apartment to provide residents with comprehensive control of home technology. Using the latest daliled driver series of helvar lighting can guarantee 1-100% elegant flicker free dimming performance. The LED driver series is designed to be easy to install and has the characteristics of long service life, high efficiency and strong anti-interference

creative lighting Marina Bay Sands Hotel

developed by Las Vegas Sands group, the hotel covers an area of 206000 square meters and is designed by the famous architect Moses safdi. It is the most expensive independent Casino Hotel in the world. The prominent feature is that the three tower design is connected by a glass patio, and the hotel lobby runs through this basic structure

how to provide the best lighting in such a spacious space is a great challenge. The 920 main controller adopted by helvar controls all mobile lights. The advantage of this scheme is that during the installation process, all lights can be controlled wirelessly anywhere in the lobby, focusing and setting to the illumination level that meets the environment and will soon find the next replacement. Each building is equipped with a light sensor, which can turn on the lighting during the day and control it automatically day and night The system also has the function of emergency forced cut-off control to prevent the emergency control of lamps in case of natural disasters such as rainstorm

helvar 920 main controller can be fully compatible with helvar's existing image control series, and can quickly and accurately control multiple 458 dimming module channels, which is very suitable for long-term light gradual change in spacious space. It has DMX capability and can control mobile lights and color changing LED lights. The helvar 920 main controller opens up new creative possibilities while reducing the complexity and cost of large lighting systems

Art and lighting art house

art house was built in 1957 and designed by viljo Revell, an internationally renowned Finnish architect. In 2010, the building underwent renovation, and an important part of the renovation is to update the lighting system. The huge windows facing the coast of Finland let light flow in, and the light changes as the seasons change, and the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This is a great challenge for the installation of lighting system, especially in maintaining the original structure and materials

the whole system is built with LED lamps. The light output of the spotlight and wall washing lamp controlled by Dali can control each artwork independently. When preparing a new exhibition, the lighting can be changed according to the work and structure

in the whole digital system, each lamp has its own address, and the user interface has been configured like a page to monitor and adjust the lighting scene on all floors, lamp groups, and even each lamp through the screen. Helvar customized a set of graphical user interface based on Niagara technology for the museum. When the exhibition changes, the light level is adjusted after the layout is completed, and then saved as a new exhibition state. After the exhibition, the original user interface can be restored


flexible and interesting lighting elements provide a variety of atmosphere options for the architectural environment. Intelligent lighting has obvious advantages not only in operation, but also in energy conservation, safety and cost. Helvar provides energy efficiency from a single lamp solution to the lighting system of the whole building. These solutions can not only provide users with greatly improved energy efficiency with the economic recovery, but also improve human comfort, mood and productivity through lighting. We look forward to the strategic cooperation between helvar and MSD China, which will surely bring benefits to Chinese users

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