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The intelligent machinery show is an eye opener for you.

a manipulator that can lift heavy objects freely and flexibly, a robot workstation that can automatically carry objects, a digital three-dimensional intelligent warehouse that can be in place in one step, and various metal processing appliances... Want to know the future production mode? From March 29 to April 1, the 19th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition or SIMM) was held in Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. This professional exhibition, known as the manufacturing business card of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, shows you the full picture of China's high-end manufacturing industry

how far is it to go from "made in China" to "made in China" is now a hot topic in society. Many experts in the industry believe that the current domestic manufacturing environment cannot support "ubiquitous intelligence", but the vast majority of enterprises need to use intelligent hardware and IOT to meet the needs of Intelligent Manufacturing in the next few years. This exhibition, which covers the world's cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing technology, is divided into three major theme exhibitions, namely, Shenzhen International Machine Tool Exhibition, Shenzhen International Robot and factory intelligence exhibition, and Shenzhen international industrial parts exhibition. It focuses on displaying many advanced manufacturing technologies and presents the development trends and characteristics of the current manufacturing industry. The 4-day exhibition attracted more than 1200 well-known enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions around the world, including Germany, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, South Korea, etc., with an exhibition area of 110000 square meters

in this exhibition, intelligent manufacturing and unmanned production technology have become the focus of attention of the audience. Many intelligent technologies and products from all over the world were gathered on site to comprehensively display a variety of personalized application solutions. These new technologies, processes and models are closely related to the current demand for industrial upgrading. The products and technologies brought by famous machine tool enterprises such as Ximen 1, arc synchronous gear belt, Mitsubishi Electric, hexcon and so on are generally intelligent, attracting a large number of citizens to refine and purify high-purity and ultra-high-purity non-ferrous metal materials and trace impurity testing technology; Low pollution silane method, high purity electronic grade polysilicon purification, post-treatment, zone melting range production technology, etc

the tensile specimen should meet the tensile test requirements of relevant national and professional standards for non-conforming materials.

"in the application of robots, China is in the leading position in the world. The machinery exhibition can show us the highest level in the South and broaden our horizons." Mr. Liu is an employee of an influential machine tool equipment manufacturing company in South China. This year is his second visit to Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition. He believes that intelligent manufacturing will bring many jobs to many enterprises. "We need senior talents who can use intelligent robots. I am interested in the Epson robot training course in this exhibition."

while paying attention to intelligent manufacturing, precision machining technology is also a highlight of this Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition. With the rapid development of aerospace, robotics, medical devices, new energy and other fields in China, the whole manufacturing industry has an increasingly urgent demand for precision mechanical parts. As the only special exhibition focusing on the field of precision machining in China at present, Shenzhen machinery exhibition also launched special theme exhibitions on 3C manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, precision machining and other industries in southern China. In depth users can revise the experimental report according to their respective requirements to interpret the development path of various link manufacturing enterprises in the industry under the wave of change. Among them, the 3C () parts processing theme exhibition starts from various manufacturing sub fields such as metal structure manufacturing, sheet metal processing, graphite processing, 3D glass processing, production automation, and brings top equipment suppliers and the most cutting-edge processing and manufacturing technology in related fields

in addition, during the exhibition, more than 20 conferences and forums were held, including "quality China Summit Forum", "advanced automotive stamping and laser welding technology application conference", "intelligent manufacturing and robot application technology theme forum", "precision parts and mold Intelligent Manufacturing Forum", "Shenzhen International 3D printing industry application theme summit", covering hundreds of industry hot topics

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