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Intelligent manufacturing has achieved "the best in the country" - Guiyang shunluo Schindler company has rapidly expanded and strengthened relying on policy dividends

on the morning of January 18, in Guiyang shunluo Schindler Company Industrial Park, inductance merchants from all over the country gathered in front of the company's intelligent manufacturing production line to understand how shunluo Schindler built an intelligent production line, landed in Guizhou industrial cloud, and upgraded to become the country's largest inductance production base

in shunluo Schindler chip workshop 1, five lines of winding machines are neatly arranged. The winding machine pulls copper wires thinner than hair to wind wires on the rice grain size inductance skeleton, and then through welding, "wrapping" the coat and other processes, the resulting inductors will use 80100 in each intelligent machine. Only these small sensitive inductors can receive signals and send messages

the inductors produced by Guiyang shunluo Schindler have been widely used in smart, TV, automotive electronics and aerospace products of major well-known brands across the country. The company is the only designated supplier of Huawei accessories high-frequency wound inductors in the southwest region

there are four workshops with "fewer people and more machines" in Guiyang shunluo Schindler, and the company has 300 intelligent production equipment. In 2019, two more workshops will be added to reach 600. This means that the annual output of Guiyang shunluo Schindler will reach 1billion from 200million in the past

In the chip workshop, several workers patrol between machines. If there is a green light above the machine, it means everything is normal. If there is a yellow light, it means that raw materials need to be added, and the workers will check the feeding

"the black light workshop is automated even for feeding, and the main responsibility of workers is to control in the background." Dai Zhengli, general manager of Guiyang shunluo Xunda company, said that the black light workshop is the third phase project of "intelligent transformation of chip inductor production workshop" planned by the enterprise. Since 2018, with the support of the three-level competent departments of Guizhou Province, Guiyang city and Guiyang high tech Zone, Guiyang shunluo Schindler, as an important project of "thousand enterprise transformation", has gradually built a digital workshop and intelligent warehouse management system, production management execution system (MES), production data management and analysis system (MDC), and a digital chemical plant in three phases. Its solutions hope to help you oh!: Platform, etc., starting with the automatic acquisition of production and product data at the bottom, to build an intelligent management big data analysis platform at the later stage, and introduce artificial intelligence technology to gradually realize the goal of the transition from automation to intelligence

at present, the project has been carried out to phase II. After the completion of phase III in 2020, Guiyang shunluo Schindler will become a real "intelligent production base"

in the packaging workshop, the assembly women are busy completing the final packaging link. "In the past, the same packaging link required twice as many employees as now. Since the completion of the joint transformation, the production capacity of the enterprise has increased a lot." Dai Zhengli refers to linking all the equipment of the enterprise through Guizhou industrial cloud, so as to collect equipment data, analyze and manage the data, and effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise

"in 2018, our officially paid plastic bags became a" cash cow "landing on Guizhou industrial cloud. On the cloud, we learned what intelligent manufacturing is and how to do it. For example, the fixture on each winding machine is a very important equipment, which is directly related to our yield." Dai Zhengli said that in the past, whether the fixture has reached its life cycle requires manual record checking and inspection, and a large amount of fixture inventory should be prepared in the warehouse. Now, the replacement time and service cycle of all equipment are recorded on the cloud. Once it is close to the service life, it will automatically place an order for us. In this way, it not only improves the efficiency and yield of the machine, but also reduces the backlog of our spare parts and the funds in our inventory. After the completion of the joint venture, the enterprise will expand capacity by 70%, increase speed by 85%, reduce cost by 40%, and increase efficiency by 60%

"when shunluoxun experimental machine, also known as material experimental machine, entered Guiyang ten years ago, it was completely unexpected that Guiyang has developed so fast. Especially since 2018, some dividend policies and services have transformed the company and embarked on the road of intelligent manufacturing." Dai Zhengli said that because of this, shunluo Schindler Shenzhen headquarters immediately adjusted its direction, settled the country's largest inductance manufacturing base in Guiyang, and planned to build the world's largest high-frequency wound inductance base in 10 years

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