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Intelligent manufacturing has entered a new stage of software hardware collaboration. The recently concluded 2017 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference has become a window to observe the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. More than 10000 people attended the conference, more than 300 experts and scholars from internationally renowned research institutions such as the United States, Germany and Sweden participated in the seminar, and more than 300 intelligent manufacturing leading enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, which fully showed the "global vision" of the conference. In addition to various innovative industrial technologies and product displays, the biggest highlight of the conference is the theme report of "Research on China's intelligent manufacturing development strategy" made by Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering. The report believes that the development of intelligent manufacturing is the main path for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and the next 20 years will be a critical period for the development of the core technology "intelligent manufacturing" of the new round of industrial revolution

At present, a new round of scientific, technological and industrial revolution characterized by the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry is booming, promoting the profound reform of manufacturing production mode. In order to comply with the development trend of manufacturing industry, major developed countries in the world have taken a series of major measures, hoping to build new momentum and new advantages by relying on the manufacturing revolution with intelligent manufacturing as the core. Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction determined by made in China 2025, and it is also the key to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. The 19th CPC National Congress has put forward new and higher requirements for the development of manufacturing industry, including accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power, accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and promoting the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy

in this regard, liulihua, member of the party leading group and vice minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that through the joint efforts of all parties, a good atmosphere of collaborative promotion of intelligent manufacturing has been formed in the whole society and industry. In the next step, we should thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, continue to promote the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects in accordance with the overall deployment of "made in China 2025", concentrate on tackling key technical equipment, consolidate the development foundation, improve the ecosystem, promote the upgrading of R & D, production, management, service and other modes, improve the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing industry, and accelerate the formation of new competitive advantages of made in China

it is revealed that China's intelligent manufacturing has made great progress in four aspects: standard system, promotion and application, supporting ability and international exchange. At present, the Ministry of industry and information technology has supported the development of 188 basic standards and industrial standards urgently needed by industries. At present, 41 national standards for intelligent manufacturing have been approved. In more than three years, the Ministry of industry and information technology has selected and determined 206 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, of which nearly 20 enterprises have realized the replication and promotion of more than 100 enterprises based on their own experience. China has successfully broken through and applied more than 300 sets of key intelligent manufacturing equipment and more than 200 sets of intelligent manufacturing equipment urgently needed by the industry, and cultivated more than 10 system solution suppliers with a main revenue of more than 1billion yuan. China and Germany, China and France, China and Russia, China and the United States and other bilateral and multilateral countries have established dialogue mechanisms around intelligent manufacturing cooperation and innovation, and carried out cooperative research and mutual recognition of standards in design and technological innovation, industrial policies and industrial projects

"soft and hard" combine to improve manufacturing intelligence

at the main forum of the 2017 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, with the clear children's solo singing "sing to the motherland", a band composed of several Gree industrial robots attracted the attention of the audience. At the exhibition site, Gree's huge booth displayed several highly dexterous and tireless industrial robots, and the image of intelligent equipment made in China stood out

intelligent production line is still an important display. The industrial robot developed by Jiangsu XCMG, under the control of CNC machine tools, can achieve a high degree of flexibility in the whole process of grasping workpieces, moving and handling, processing and production, process flow, and warehousing. Through this intelligent manufacturing demonstration line, we can not only rapidly produce and deliver customized products with multiple varieties and small batches, but also reduce the defect rate of products by 33.3%

however, in the main exhibition hall of the smart Manufacturing Conference, last year's vision was full of robots and production line equipment. This year, the technology exhibition of "soft equipment" of software and standards has become the mainstream. Industrial interconnection platform has become the most popular

in the Shugen Internet exhibition area, the traditional industrial embroidery machine can realize the cooperation and negotiation of new functions such as remote operation and maintenance monitoring, remote task distribution, pattern trading, etc. by connecting to the industrial Internet. Personalized patterns customized by the audience are vividly embroidered on the cloth at the scene

at Haier's booth, wearing virtual reality glasses, you can intuitively enter the scene of the industrial interconnection platform cosmoplat independently developed by Haier, and design a personalized "body" composed of your own travel photos for your favorite new refrigerator. After placing an order, the machine can automatically generate an order and realize modular customization. At present, the platform has gathered more than 300 million users and more than 3.8 million enterprises

Cuixiangyu, director of intelligent manufacturing innovation service of Haier Group, revealed that through the business combing of the seven manufacturing nodes, Haier cosmoplat platform has output seven types of system applications that can be socialized and replicated, and began to provide socialized services to provide solutions and value-added services for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. At present, it has been extended to 12 major industries such as electronics, textiles, equipment, construction, transportation and chemical industry. Each industry will build a model similar to Haier's Internet factory, and establish demonstration areas in 11 regions such as Qingdao, Shanghai and Tianjin

the intelligent fleet management platform displayed by caterpillar, the global construction machinery giant, manages more than 500000 devices worldwide, and generates an average of 3600 data per vehicle per day. The Chinese localization platform maintained by Tianze information also managed nearly 40000 mechanical equipment. In Caterpillar's view, 5 Using photoelectric encoder to measure the displacement between two jaws, the industrial interconnection platform is a new intelligent manufacturing tool used to process industrial big data

the access equipment of Jiangsu XCMG Xrea industrial interconnection big data platform is slightly inferior to that of caterpillar, but it has reached 445735, ranking first in the country. These data come from construction machinery, new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery, military equipment, transportation vehicles, sanitation vehicles, etc. all over the country. The data information is updated every 10 seconds, about 200million pieces of data are received every day, and nearly 1PB of data is accumulated

Zhang Qiliang, general manager of Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that Xrea industrial interconnection big data platform has the processing capacity of high concurrency and massive data, and can support the input of tens of millions of devices and the second query of hundreds of millions of data. The industrial Internet platform can empower the group itself and external enterprises and industries such as new energy vehicles, equipment manufacturing, agriculture and animal husbandry, national defense and military industry. At present, an industrial app covering more than 10 sub industries has been formed

manufacturing intelligence is beginning to move towards service intelligence.

the deep integration of interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies with the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, has brought a revolutionary driving force to the industrial development model. It also makes "intelligent manufacturing" a new development stage that is significantly different from digital manufacturing and networked manufacturing

On behalf of the Chinese industry, President Zhou Ji creatively put forward the scientific principle of the "Human Information Physics" ternary intelligent system, which filled the gap in the basic theory of intelligent manufacturing for the Chinese people, and also systematically explained the three different characteristics of intelligent manufacturing development paradigm of "Digital Manufacturing", "Digital networked manufacturing" and "digital networked intelligent manufacturing" to famous Chinese and foreign manufacturers

with the rise of a new generation of artificial intelligence, everyone is paying attention. Artificial 1 must repair intelligence in time. When, in what scenario, and at what stage will intelligent manufacturing produce a "chemical reaction"

"in the future, there will be more and more blending of people and machines, which is a very important content in the manufacturing field in the era of intelligence and experience." Li Peigen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said

Zhou Ji believes that the industrial model reform with intelligent services as the core is the theme and highlight of the new generation of intelligent manufacturing systems in the future. While the traditional manufacturing industry continues to transform and upgrade through intelligent manufacturing, Jiangsu XCMG has established a professional e-commerce company, with rapid income growth. Relying on industrial interconnection and big data, XCMG has built XCMG's financial leasing platform, operating leasing platform and supply chain financing platform, and has constantly changed to service-oriented manufacturing. Caterpillar has launched new services for Chinese enterprises. Customers engaged in engineering vehicle operation only need to invest money, and fleet management can be outsourced to caterpillar. Sitting on the intelligent fleet platform, you can better understand equipment, monitor equipment and manage assets than customers themselves. Recently, soway software and other companies have further proposed that the software of industrial technology and industrial app will become the entrance of "artificial intelligence + Advanced Manufacturing", and industrial app will become a more intelligent new mode of industrial technology services

Zhouji forecast: "In the next three to five years, China will focus on promoting the remote operation and maintenance services using the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, first in the fields of wind power generation, helicopters, water meters and electricity meters, and then in the whole manufacturing industry, forming a breakthrough in the new generation of intelligent services. On this basis, we will comprehensively promote the intelligent service centered Review Committee in the whole manufacturing industry. The standard preparation group has done A lot of work has been done to reform the industrial model, and intelligent technology has led to the in-depth collection of industry and finance, so that more enterprises can change from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, and achieve a deeper supply side structural reform. "

"in the future, the deep application of big data intelligence, swarm intelligence and human-computer integration intelligence will further improve the personalization, flexibility and customization of various products, and promote the real realization of a new user-centered model and new business format made in China."

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