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On January 14, 2016 China (Dongguan) intelligent manufacturing development forum was held in Dongguan, a world famous manufacturing city, under the guidance of China Economic Weekly of the people's news agency, the China Economic Research Institute and the Dongguan Municipal People's government, and jointly hosted by the international intelligent manufacturing industry alliance and the Dongguan Association for science and technology. More than 600 well-known experts at home and abroad and elite leaders of the global intelligent manufacturing industry gathered in Dongguan to discuss the development path of intelligent manufacturing and promote the innovative development of intelligent manufacturing industry

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as the first industry exchange and docking event in China's intelligent manufacturing field in 2016, this forum takes the future of intelligent manufacturing as the theme, and is divided into four modules: China intelligent manufacturing industry University research project docking meeting, international intelligent manufacturing capacity Cooperation Fair, intelligent manufacturing Summit Forum, and international intelligent manufacturing elite annual meeting, Around the development trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in the world, the current hot topic of intelligent manufacturing is discussed

the conference not only attracted entrepreneurs from the mainland, but also attracted experts, scholars and entrepreneur representatives from Hong Kong, China and South Korea to come together for experience sharing and wisdom collision. According to Li Ming, executive chairman of the organizer International Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance, 114 is a well-known know know all about life. The conference was held on January 14, which means to build China (Dongguan) intelligent manufacturing development forum into a know all about intelligent manufacturing industry. This forum is the first one and will be held regularly on January 14 every year. Its purpose is to promote exchanges in China's intelligent manufacturing industry, expand international cooperation channels, and build a multi resource interactive platform to promote the innovative development of China's intelligent manufacturing

the world economic structure is undergoing profound adjustment. Developed countries have implemented the strategies of Reindustrialization and manufacturing return. Some developing countries are also accelerating their planning and layout and actively participating in the global industrial redistribution. Bai Jinfu, President of the Chinese Academy of economic research and former deputy director of the Economic Bureau of the central policy research office, pointed out that since the beginning of the financial crisis, developed countries have taken the lead in the transformation process and are ahead of it. In the era of world transformation, China has ushered in the development opportunities during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The most critical thing during the whole 13th Five Year Plan period is to accelerate the transformation and development

when we talk about transformation and development, the most important core is such a transformation led by the manufacturing industry. Bai Jinfu said that at the current node, China is facing dual tasks. On the one hand, we should speed up the cultivation of new power points and promote the development of new technologies, new industries and new formats; On the other hand, we should transform and upgrade traditional industries, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with advanced technology, especially advanced manufacturing technology

1.5 billion industrial fund promotes the development of intelligent manufacturing

Dongguan is a vivid epitome of the development of manufacturing industry in China's reform and opening up for more than 30 years. A sentence of Dongguan traffic jam and global shortage vividly illustrates Dongguan's position in the global manufacturing industry

Li Xiaomei, member of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and director of the United Front Work Department of the Dongguan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, said that as a pioneer city of China's manufacturing industry, Dongguan has an industrial form that represents the general characteristics of the vast majority of fields made in China. It is a fertile ground for the growth of the robot and intelligent equipment industry, and has been recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Guangdong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology as a national level pilot area for the deep integration of industrialization and intelligent manufacturing and a demonstration base for intelligent manufacturing in Guangdong Province

in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Dongguan rooted in the advantages of local manufacturing industry, vigorously promoted the replacement of machines, and let more traditional manufacturing enterprises see the great potential and strategic value of intelligent manufacturing. Li Xiaomei said that in the new round of industrial upgrading, Dongguan will vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing, strive to explore a replicable and popularized intelligent manufacturing Dongguan model for Guangdong and even the whole country, and help the innovative development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

Xu Heping, former director of the Research Office of the Ministry of science and technology, said: the transformation of China's manufacturing industry is first represented by the transformation of Dongguan's manufacturing industry, and the direction of intelligent manufacturing is also basically taking place in Dongguan. Dongguan is expected to take the lead again in this round of manufacturing transformation, play a leading role, and make a leading demonstration and forward-looking exploration for the development of the national manufacturing industry

intelligent manufacturing is a capital intensive industry, and the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are generally facing the problem of financing difficulties. Capital has become an important factor restricting the development of small and medium-sized intelligent manufacturing enterprises

at this forum, Guangdong Guorong intelligent manufacturing industry fund, jointly initiated by Guangdong Guotang Intelligent Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Rongchuan Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., was officially unveiled at this forum. It is reported that the total scale of the fund is 1.5 billion yuan, and the scale of the first phase product is 300million yuan. It focuses on intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment. At present, it is the largest intelligent manufacturing industry fund in Guangdong

intelligent manufacturing will form a trillion level market

in order to promote in-depth exchanges and tight revision, convenient and close cooperation between all parties, this forum has specially set up two docking conferences. The researchers demonstrated many projects such as wearable intelligent medical monitoring system and holographic brain controlled avatar robot system to the participating enterprises. The scene of using ideas to control robots in the movie Avatar is fascinating. With the breakthrough of technological innovation, all this will become a reality. According to the relevant personnel of Guangdong University of Technology who developed the product, avatar robot obtains control robot signals from human brain through wearable computer devices and sends them to the main control chip. The main control board processes these signals and sends them to the robot, so as to realize human brain control of intelligent robot. These cutting-edge scientific research achievements have aroused the interest of enterprises, and the three parties of industry, University and research have conducted in-depth negotiations on project cooperation and the implementation and transformation of scientific research achievements

at another international capacity cooperation conference, Korean robot enterprises led by the Korean robot industry revitalization Institute had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Chinese enterprises on capacity cooperation. Kim Jong Hyun of the Korean robot industry revitalization Institute said that China is the world's largest industrial robot market, while South Korea is the country with the largest density of robots in the world. The cooperation between China and South Korea has broad prospects, and South Korea attaches great importance to the Chinese market

2015 is called the first year of robots in China. Both industrial robots and service robots have received unprecedented attention. With the release of made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing has become a hot topic in the whole society

Nan Taihao, general manager of Guangzhou mengjiangwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise representative who came to the conference and compared it with foreign products, said that after knowing the information before the conference was opened for registration, he made an appointment with the Organizing Committee for the number of participants at the first time. He hoped that through this fair, he could connect with industrial resources and strive for greater development space

the popularity of intelligent manufacturing is far beyond our imagination. From the registration and participation of this conference, we really feel the surge of global intelligent manufacturing, and also let us see the urgent needs of intelligent manufacturing enterprises for technological innovation and resource docking. According to the person in charge of Guangdong Guotang Intelligent Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd., the organizer of the forum, intelligent manufacturing will form a trillion level market, attracting the high attention of traditional manufacturing enterprises, financial institutions, fiscal and tax institutions and other aspects. (liangjuanling also contributed to this article)

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