Notes on Qijia netizens' purchase and installation

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Friends purchase ceiling notes

[netizens] trant1112 (rookies add fuel!!!)

[ceiling] fubaide ceiling

selected fubaide from the beginning, and has always been fond of their construction, installation and quality!! Although the installation process was bumpy, it ended perfectly

10/10 fubaide door-to-door measurement

10/10 fubaide door-to-door measurement

after several telephone communications, fubaide customer service promised that a designer would contact us on Saturday morning, but until 11 o'clock, they didn't receive fubaide's phone. It was really impatient to call and communicate with fubaide

although the customer service attitude was very good, he was also very anxious to explain to us and said to contact the designer as soon as possible, but we still hope that in the future, the service can be more up-to-date, rather than the customer taking the initiative to call

I don't know how long I waited, but fubaide surveyor finally arrived late. I thought that the gold medal designer mentioned by Fu Baide should be older, at least a middle-aged man in his 30s and 40s. I didn't expect that it was a young boy who came in. I was surprised, but I can't judge people by their appearance. We still have to believe in the professional level of fubaide. So immediately guide master han to measure the bathroom and kitchen

originally thought that our kitchen had a false ceiling, which was more troublesome. I didn't know whether the shadow would affect the ceiling. But in the eyes of master Han, it's not a problem at all &hellip& hellip;

I have repeatedly stressed that the ceiling here is special. In addition, the top edge of our wall tiles may not be on the same level. I hope master Han can help us measure it, but he doesn't think it is necessary. Maybe our professional knowledge is not enough. Doesn't it matter if it's not on a horizontal plane??? Does this not affect the installation of ceiling

because the ceiling in the bathroom has a very obvious height, master Han communicated with us in time and put forward solutions. Either make holes in the tiles or make up with tiles again. The Mason is lazy

after several communications, master Han has measured all the data, and the measurement is finished





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