Counter top of cabinet daily maintenance tips

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No matter what kind of material is afraid of high temperature erosion, attention should be paid to avoid direct contact between hot pots and hot water pots and cabinets, and it is best to place them on the pot rack; During operation, try to avoid touching the table and door panel with sharp objects to avoid scratches

latex paint, commonly known as "paint" or "wall paint", is a water-soluble decorative material, which is directly painted on the indoor wall to protect and beautify the wall. Primer and finish paint need to be used when painting. Commercial latex paint products are truly environmentally friendly and safe only if they pass the green ten ring certification

smart step 2: master the function of latex paint

the functional positioning of commercial latex paint is divided into five series, from full-function full effect series, multi-function five in one series, enhanced function ultra easy washing series, single function series and affordable series, no matter foreign brands such as Nippon or Dulux, or domestic brands such as classic paint, there are corresponding product sales

smart step 3: find out the price of latex paint

the price of latex paint varies according to the functional positioning. Generally, the full effect series is about 400 yuan/5 liters, the five in one series is about 320 yuan/5 liters, the ultra easy to wash series is about 250 yuan/5 liters, the single function series is about 280/18 liters, and the economical series is about 180 yuan/18 liters, Consumers can choose products with different prices according to the actual situation of their home decoration

smart step 4: check the quality of latex paint in detail

latex paint products must pass the inspection of the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center before they can be sold, especially VOC (volatile organic compounds) and free formaldehyde. The lower the value, the more safe, environmentally friendly and reliable the product is. Consumers can ask the merchants to show the test report for quality inquiry at the time of purchase. The form is the legend of the test report for reference

1. All data are extracted from the National Paint Quality Supervision and testing center

2. You can go to the local classic paint store to check the relevant product test report in detail




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