When summer comes, let the kitchen take a bath to

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When summer comes, let the kitchen take a bath to extend the service life of the cabinet

the correct use and maintenance of the cabinet can prolong the service life of the cabinet for at least five years. The following are some common sense of cabinet cleaning and maintenance for everyone to learn

can you still have the desire to cook when you see that the beautiful cabinets are soon "beyond recognition"? The correct use and maintenance of the cabinet can prolong the service life of the cabinet for at least five years. The following are some common sense of cabinet cleaning and maintenance for everyone to learn

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I. maintenance of natural stone table top

the characteristic of natural stone is that the surface pores are large, so if you encounter any stains or moisture in the process of use, you should deal with it immediately to prevent dirt from penetrating into the stone table surface. Usually, clean water or colorless neutral and mild cleaning solvent can only be used for cleaning. If you choose products that are too acidic or too alkaline, it may cause damage to the table. Regular use of maintenance wax for maintenance has also become a necessary condition to maintain the appearance and texture of natural stone countertops

II. Maintenance of stainless steel countertops

metal materials are easy to clean and durable. Usually clean them with a dry soft cloth, but pay attention to that the soft cloth must be clean and must be wiped along the direction of stainless steel wool to avoid scratches. If you use clean water or detergent, you must immediately wipe it dry with a soft cloth to avoid unnecessary water marks. Proper use of 3M stainless steel activator and other professional products for maintenance can better maintain the gloss and uniform appearance of stainless steel countertops

III. maintenance of solid wood or solid wood veneered door panels

any natural material is not suitable for extreme environments. Therefore, too dry or too wet environment itself will cause damage to wooden door panels. Generally, the surface of wooden door panels will be treated to enhance the service life of products. Generally, the best cleaning is to wipe with wet leather cloth, and then dry with dry leather cloth. When detergent must be used, mild cleaning products must also be selected, and then wiped with clean water and dried. To avoid dryness and cracking, you can choose BILIZHU and other maintenance and cleaning wax to wipe during maintenance. However, products containing nitrate or artificial synthetic resin should also be avoided, otherwise it will cause harm to kitchenware

IV. maintenance of paint baking door panel

when cleaning the paint baking door panel, just wipe it gently with a clean wet cloth, and then immediately dry it with a soft and clean cloth, so as to avoid leaving water marks and causing unsightly conditions. If detergent must be used, it is best to use original or professional cleaning products, and colleagues should avoid using detergent containing nitrate or synthetic resin, and then wipe it with a wet cloth and dry it with a soft cloth. [Special Recommendation: Guangzhou Construction Expo in July]

v. maintenance of metal products

the ideal cleaning technique is to suck all the water on the metal surface, because the water will form scale on the metal surface after volatilization

remember: wipe gently and do not rub vigorously

wipe dry with wet sponge and soft skin to make your product shiny

1. Before using the detergent, be sure to try it in the unobtrusive place of the product, and then apply it to the whole product

2. Wash thoroughly with water

3. Wipe the surface immediately after using the detergent. Do not leave the detergent on the product surface or penetrate

4. Wipe the surface with a soft, wet sponge or cloth. Do not use abrasive materials to wipe the surface of the product

VI. maintenance of ceramic products

glazed ceramic products can be cleaned with neutral abrasive detergent. Aggressive abrasive cleaners can scratch or darken the surface. Dry the product with a soft cloth after each use

VII. Maintenance of artificial stone table

usually, you can only wipe it with clean water. If there is any stain residue, you can wipe it with neutral or weak alkali, weak acid cleaning solvent. If permanent appearance damage is caused, the surface can be kept fresh by grinding and polishing again. Regular maintenance with proper maintenance fluid can also effectively prolong the service life and appearance of the table. [Special Recommendation: overall wardrobe]

VIII. Maintenance of menair door panels

generally speaking, among all kinds of door panels, menair door panels are the easiest to clean and maintain. In general, just wipe with a wet cloth. If cleaning is carried out in the case of special dirt, it can be used with kitchen utensils cleaner or neutral cleaning products, and then wipe the dirt and cleaner with a wet cloth, and finally immediately dry with a soft cloth. In the selection of cleaning products, products with nitrate or synthetic resin components should be avoided to avoid damage to kitchenware





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