Detailed process of door and window glass cleaning

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As for today's home decoration, there are still many people using glass doors and windows, because it is not only easy to clean, but also easy to deal with, and it brings you a bright, bright and visual sense of decoration. So today, Guanhao door and window editor specially prepared an article about the cleaning process of glass doors and windows for us, hoping to help us do a good job in cleaning

describe the cleaning process of glass doors and windows in detail

things: cleaning agent, telescopic rod, glass scraper, water applicator, bucket, rag, spray pot procedure:

1. Prepare glass cleaning agent (1:50-1:80)

2. Infiltrate the water applicator into the bucket cleaning agent, squeeze it to half dry, apply it to the glass, and change it from top to bottom, left to right and back

3. Use a scraper to scrape dry in order, with even weight and speed, and prevent suspension or re scraping when scraping

4. Wipe dry with a rag every time you use a scraper

5. Wipe the water stains on the edge of the window frame and the floor after cleaning

6. The used things should be recycled to the things room

precautions: the scraper should be stacked 5-10 cm with the previous one every time; The citron strip on the scraper should be 1 cm longer than the stainless steel sleeve; When scraping, the scraper should not be lower than 30 degrees or higher than 75 degrees (45 degrees is appropriate)

describe the cleaning process of glass doors and windows in detail

some stubborn stain treatment methods:

1. Subtle stains and finger marks can be removed with the same amount of vinegar and aqueous solution

2. Stronger traces, such as those left by cosmetics or toothpaste on the mirror or glass, can be removed with a special glass cleaner. 3. Striped glass and carved glass can be cleaned with a very soft brush. The printing material on the newspaper is rich in solvent, so you can wipe the stains on the window with the newspaper

when spraying glass, mix it with half vinegar and half water, put it in a watering can, spray it on the glass and polish it with a newspaper ball at the same time. Or first wipe the glass with a wet cloth, then dip a little Baijiu with a clean wet cloth, and wipe it on the glass with a little force. After wiping, the glass is not only clean but also bright. The glass can be cleaned by applying chalk grey water or gypsum powder on it first, and then wiping it with a cloth after it is dry

the surface of glass is easy to frost in winter. You can wipe it with a cloth dipped in concentrated salt water or Baijiu, which has an excellent effect. Wipe the glass mirror dust. If there is dust on the small mirror or cabinet mirror, you can use a soft cloth soaked in kerosene or dipped in wax to wipe it. Never use water to wipe it. Wipe it with water. Not only the mirror is blurred, but also it is easy to corrode the glass

remove stains on frosted glass: ink stains: wipe them off with turpentine. Oil stain: mix and wipe with acetic acid solution and degreasing detergent. Tape stains: scrape off the tape with a knife and then wipe it with turpentine. Pencil stains: can be wiped with turpentine. Crayon stains: wipe them off with a dry cloth dipped in turpentine. Colorful pencil stains: you can wipe them carefully with a rubber first. If you can't wipe it off, you can wipe it with washing powder

elaborate on the cleaning process of glass doors and windows

final summary: after the above small editor's detailed introduction to the cleaning process of glass doors and windows, we must have understood the cleaning process of glass doors and windows. Do you do the cleaning in such a process in ordinary days? If not, you can refer to the content introduced by the small editor, and sincerely hope that we can have a very good way to provide it to us, Let's do the cleaning work easily and happily




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