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From July 8 to 11, China Anle guest and you will meet at the Guangzhou Jianbo Exhibition (Booth No.: 1.1-46/47), which will bring the new product "face recognition smart lock" in 2018. Do you want to know what your "future home" looks like? From July 8 to 11, I came to the 20th China (Guangzhou) International Architecture Expo to meet with China Anle customer professional face recognition intelligent lock manufacturer (Booth No.: 1.1-46/47). This exhibition will bring the new product "face recognition intelligent lock" in 2018. China Anle guest will usher in a new era of intelligent face recognition in the future

the intelligent lock business department under the central control intelligent group, established in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of intelligent locks. In 2018, zhongkong intelligent lock has its own proprietary brand "zhonganleke", which pursues excellence and excellence, and surpasses yesterday in every step

this exhibition, we brought four surprises

surprise 1: the new face recognition comes out again, which integrates the exquisite presentation of modern smart works and makes the debut of a beautiful work. Military materials are made with ingenuity to create an aristocratic temperament from the inside out. The newly upgraded 5A diamond screen display is launched, and the fine polishing creates a luxury gloss full screen panel like high-grade jewelry. Subversion requires excellence. Automatic recognition starts track design, and "hybrid biometric face" authentication automatically restores after recognition, and the beauty of the overall process and technology awakens perfectly. Ergonomic handle design, unique dazzling blue breathing lamp design, dynamic flashing, breaking through the loneliness of the night

face recognition technology applies the leading hybrid biometric technology to eliminate all kinds of high imitation simulation. 3D stereo recognition, infrared thermal imaging technology, high-definition infrared dual cameras and other advanced modes are enough to make this new product stand out from the crowd

surprise 2: the core technology is exquisite, giving the work charming connotation. The living fingerprint chip is used, and it is optimized with the help of AI Artificial intelligence algorithm. It also optimizes problems such as dry and wet fingerprints and defective fingerprints, and the recognition speed is 0.3 seconds. Biometric fingerprint monitoring is used in fingerprint recognition to eliminate fingerprint cloning. At the same time, fingerprints also support automatic update, so that the unlocking speed is continuously improved

surprise 3: the iron wall comes from the self-developed kernel. The product is equipped with the digital encryption technology of bank level security chip, so that users are not troubled by the disadvantages of cumbersome, high power consumption, slow transmission speed, easy information leakage and theft. We escort the whole process in terms of security and user experience

surprise 4: think what you think. The beauty of appearance and the upgrading of technology are all for you. AI is intelligent and people-oriented. Breaking through the shackles of the design box does not only exist in the field of square inches, but we should be broad and boundless, open our eyes and explore the unknown; Beautiful handicrafts should be highly cost-effective. Entering thousands of households and daring to explore the bottom is to give you greater surprise

the theme of "smart technology, home of the future" of China Anle takes you on a unique journey of intelligent unlocking concept. Different intelligent feast, different exhibition experience

zhonganleke, a professional manufacturer of face recognition intelligent locks. On July 9, 2018, I made an appointment with Guangzhou Construction Expo. National hotline: 400-900-6089




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