Rafael's whole house customization shares the fasc

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The porch is a magical place. When you get home tired, put on a comfortable cotton mop at the porch and switch to the relaxing mode at home. Rafael customized the whole room to share the fascinating porch design, so that you can perfectly complete the role transformation in the porch

drag your tired body home, open the door, take off the exquisite but worn high heels, put on comfortable cotton slippers, and switch to the relaxation mode at home

in this narrow space, the porch, we have completed our role transformation

I don't know if you pay too much attention to the decoration of the porch at home. I believe many friends may simply make a porch partition and place a shoe cabinet at home

in fact, the contemporary porch is a very ceremonial space. As the face of home, the small porch undertakes the important task of connecting and transiting inside and outside

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