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Shantui loader: high-end quality loading worry free

starting from the heart and achieving value. In recent years, Shantui has been actively building a sound industrial layout, constantly expanding new markets, and providing users with one-stop construction solutions. Loader is another high-quality product recognized by customers after bulldozer and road machinery. At the beginning of this year, Shantui loaders, guided by customer demand and with the innovative power of the whole company, created a new H-series loaders, which were widely praised once launched. The sl33h and sl56h devices exhibited at the 2017 Beijing BICES exhibition became the focus of attention

h series loaders were born

h series loaders are high-end loader series products launched by Shantui in 2016. At present, there are 3-ton sl33h, 5-ton sl53h and sl56h, and 6-ton sl66h will be launched by the end of the year. This series adopts the latest generation appearance of Shantui and is equipped with Weichai electronic controlled three-stage low-speed engine. It has flexible steering, high efficiency, reliability, energy saving, comfort and convenient maintenance. Sl53h is a medium wheelbase product, which is hinged at the front of the whole vehicle, and is suitable for loading and shoveling loose materials; The sl56h is a long wheelbase product suitable for heavy-duty operation of various materials. It is an ideal equipment for major ports, mines, engineering construction, logistics and transportation industries

these two products have aroused heated discussion in the industry once they are listed. In March, Shantui sl56h loader won the Top50 award of China Construction Machinery in 2017, and its comprehensive and balanced work performance was affirmed by people in the industry

Shantui always pays attention to technological innovation and sustainable development. The R & D capacity, manufacturing capacity and product quality are at the domestic leading level and close to the international advanced level. Shantui has a strong professional production capacity of core components, and leads the industry in terms of the most complete industrial chain of lubricating innovative biodegradable materials, the first track technology in China's industry, locking torque converter technology, integrated development technology of hydraulic, electrical and transmission components, etc. At present, Shantui can manufacture 21 kinds of torque converters and 33 kinds of gearboxes. Its torque converter occupies 60% of the loader market and its transmission efficiency is as high as 87%

Shantui has always been committed to comprehensively improving the fine management level, optimizing the manufacturing process and strengthening the testing process. It has won the mayor quality award, the governor quality award and the national quality award. In 2015, it successfully passed the most stringent national military standard quality system appraisal, providing practical guarantee for the creation of customer value. Shantui has been Komatsu's strategic partner for a long time. Shantui structural parts are Komatsu's certified inspection free products; In addition, Shantui can produce high-quality chassis parts, transmission parts, hydraulic cylinders, cabs and other parts; At the same time, Shantui cooperated closely with Weichai, and the matching between the engine and the whole machine was specially optimized, so that the product had a better performance

Shantui's strong technical foundation and production advantages in spare parts provide quality assurance for the excellent performance of Shantui loaders, and make Shantui look at the development of H series loaders with ease

five leading industries with advantages

with the help of the gold industry chain, the power matching of H series loaders is more reasonable and the overall performance is outstanding. This is mainly reflected in five aspects:

high reliability. H-series loaders adopt Weichai special engine to match Shantui's independent double variable and drive axle to form a gold medal transmission chain, which has more reasonable matching, rapid response and reliable performance

work efficiency. The optimized high-efficiency linkage mechanism has fast action, large digging force and strong lifting capacity; The whole vehicle responds quickly and operates efficiently, and the composite operation efficiency is increased by 10%

fuel economy. Customized EFI Guosan low-speed engine, equipped with multi-power fuel-saving switch, three different working modes to meet the needs of different operating environments, and the fuel saving rate of the main engine is as high as 10% to 15%. The intake air adopts three-stage air filter, and the fuel system adopts three-stage fuel filter, which can effectively ensure the long-term reliable operation of the engine

handling comfort. Digital combination instrument, color display screen, real-time vehicle information display and fault detection, convenient for interactive use, detection and maintenance. Electronic control accelerator pedal, brake pedal, working device control and redesign of various buttons, with strong human-computer interaction and long-term work without fatigue

convenience of maintenance. The whole system adopts a large opening side shield, the rear grille can be opened laterally, the maintenance space is large, and the maintenance channel is smooth and convenient; For key pin shaft maintenance, the pipeline is filled with grease, which is convenient for maintenance. The drainage rod of the braking system is placed on the side to realize one key drainage, which is convenient for daily maintenance

constant praise for working condition performance

since its launch at the beginning of this year, H series loaders have been widely praised by users all over the world. The advantages of strong power, high efficiency and fuel economy, comfortable operation and convenient maintenance have become the unanimous view of customers. Boss Xu of Tongzhou, Beijing, was attracted by the elegant appearance of the sl53h when he saw it for the first time. After using it for a period of time, he was even more full of praise for this product. Boss Bai of Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, evaluated the sl53h as "cost-effective, reassuring, energy-efficient and reassuring". In Hainan, boss Wang of Yingying quarry generally commented on the H-series loaders as "Shantui loaders, I'm worth it!"

since its listing, more and more H-series loaders have been working hard on construction sites across the world. With stable and excellent performance, they have continuously created value for customers and become their good helpers on the tortuous road to prosperity

value leading and win-win future. At the important juncture of transformation and upgrading from made in China to "smart" manufacturing in China, Shantui, as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, has been committed to exploring the road of the rise of national equipment manufacturing industry. Guided by customer demand, Shantui focuses on the core technology as a breakthrough, and applies many new technologies such as intelligent control, environmental protection and energy saving technology to the equipment, so as to easily solve the loading problems for customers around the world

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