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Shantui loader "Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon" in Northern Zhejiang Province, showing the true colors of heroes

Shantui loader "Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon" in Northern Zhejiang Province, showing the true colors of heroes

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you may not be familiar with Anji County, but you should have seen the film "Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon" directed by Ang Lee. It was here that Chow Yun fat and Zhang Ziyi fought in the bamboo sea. This is also a model county that practices Xi dada: "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and its road traffic construction has been paid attention by many parties in the province

oil cylinder and piston: their contact surface has been finely processed. In 2017, Anji County Highway Bureau invited bids for loaders. After strict evaluation, Shantui loaders won the bid for two five ton loaders with excellent performance

in June this year, Zhejiang product manager paid a return visit to the use of the two loaders and asked for product use opinions, Xu, general manager of the company, said with emotion: "in the past, we only knew that Shantui bulldozers were good, but we didn't expect that loaders were also so good. Each loader has loaded and unloaded 300000 tons of materials every year for more than two years. Not only has there been no failure, but we haven't seen oil leakage of other brands for half a year. If we knew that the quality was so good, we should have chosen Shantui before."

president Xu introduced: "These two trucks not only load and unload stone, sand and lime soil in the mixing station, but also go into the mountains to clear obstacles and clear the traffic. It rains continuously in Northern Zhejiang in June every year. As a mountainous area, Anji county is prone to debris flow, and the smoothness of mountain roads will be seriously threatened. After these two mountain push loaders directly drive into the gully, they change people and work continuously for a week each time. He attributes the sales growth to two new products: two plate DP series products And A5 series servo injection molding machines have kept the highway unobstructed, and the digital display impact height has withstood the test of high-intensity operation. "

as the saying goes, "protect the green waters and green mountains for sustainable development, and the mountain push loader will be a hero in times of crisis"

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