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Shantui sr28mr compactor Lhasa compactor fights against the roof of the world

Shantui sr28mr compactor Lhasa compactor fights against the roof of the world

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recently, Shantui sr28mr compactor successfully delivered in Lhasa. As early as October, Xining office learned that Lhasa sanitation needed to purchase compactors, and immediately cooperated with the agency to prepare the bidding. As the user previously used compactors of other brands, he had low awareness of the compactors of Shantui brand. At the same time, the solution under the high altitude operating environment in Tibet: there are concerns about how to ensure the normal use of the compactor, so they prefer to import equipment

Shantui sr28mr compactor

in the case of great difficulty in winning the bid, Xining office took an active part and made many door-to-door visits. We learned that the user used roller coaster bulldozer products. Taking this as a breakthrough, we introduced the product performance of roller coaster compactor. Gradually, the assembly of parts on the whole vehicle dispelled the user's doubts

in view of the follow-up service problems at the plateau construction site, the marketing division customized the "housekeeper service mode" based on many years of plateau maintenance service experience, dispatched experienced service engineers who are suitable for plateau work to take charge of after-sales service, timely completed the maintenance of equipment, and relieved the worries of users

as the successful replacement of imported equipment of large tonnage compactor and the conductor to be tested, Shantui compactor won the bid finally! Operating in the landfill site at an altitude of 4000 meters, Shantui products have become an excellent representative of China's national industry because of their high reliability, stability and adaptability

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