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Recently, good news came from the Nanyu railway project. After about a month of intensive construction, the pouring of anti slide square piles and bearing platforms of the yaqiaojiang bridge on the Nanyu railway was successfully completed, Guizhou Geology and Mineral Resources Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanhe intelligent swdm360h rotary drilling rig created a new speed in Nanyu

overcome difficulties and create a new speed in Nanyu together

the construction site of yaqiaojiang bridge is complex in terrain, with villages, cultivated land, fish ponds and ditches interwoven. There are tunnel operations, bridge pile foundation and anti slide pile cross construction in the site, and the operation site is extremely limited. For the pile foundation construction, the stratum is all karst stratum, which must pass through the strongly weathered and moderately weathered limestone, and enter the slightly weathered limestone twice the pile diameter. The pile foundation adopts the square anti slide pile with large bearing capacity and high horizontal tangential resistance. The pile forming process is extremely complex, and it also faces the karst cave and hard rock geology in the narrow construction site, which makes the pile foundation construction of yaqiaojiang super major bridge more difficult

Guizhou Geology and Mineral Resources Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. rose to the challenge and carried Shanhe intelligent swdm360h rotary drilling rig to carry out anti slide square pile construction in Guangxi for the first time. By optimizing the construction process and management of square piles, shanduo paid attention to some details. The intelligent swdm360h rotary drilling rig of shanduo River showed an ultra-high pile forming efficiency. Each pile was drilled in 12 hours and 2 piles were formed every day. Behind the high efficiency is the comprehensive fuel consumption of only 35 liters per hour and the consumption of 60 bullets per pile

the construction company highly recognized the product quality of Shanhe intelligent swdm360h rotary drilling rig. There was no machine failure during the construction. The construction of anti slide square pile and bearing platform was completed in about a month, and the construction interference of tunnel and portal bridge pier and abutment was solved, which created good conditions for the subsequent construction to create a golden period for the growth of China's plastic machinery industry, and ensured the continuity of the project, Created a new speed of Nanyu

Established in 1987, Guizhou Geology and Mineral Resources Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the construction of this project, is an enterprise directly under the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Guizhou Province. The temperature of key fire supporting sites in Guizhou province rises rapidly in a short time and lasts for a long time; At the same time, it is a backbone construction enterprise and has won many honors such as "May Day Labor Award" and "youth civilization" in Guizhou Province

after more than 30 years of development, Guizhou Geological and mineral foundation has formed a "Trinity" industrial structure focusing on engineering survey, foundation construction and geological environment engineering. It is equipped with Shanhe intelligent swdm420, swdm360h, swdm280 rotary drilling rigs, as well as various forward and reverse circulation drilling rigs, punching pile machines, mixing pile machines, hydraulic grab and other foundation construction equipment, such as large-diameter cast-in-place piles, underground continuous walls He has rich practical experience in foundation engineering construction such as deep foundation pit support

in the past, Guizhou Geological and mineral foundation and various types of Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rigs fought in all directions. They were favored by the construction company because of their high stability, high reliability, high efficiency of rock entry and high return on investment. On the construction of the 06 stake foundation of Guangqing expressway, the 10 stake foundation of guangzhongjiang expressway, the 04 stake foundation of Nanyi expressway, the Xijiang square foundation of Guangdong Gaoming Greenland, the four foundations of Guangzhou Huadu plot and other representative projects, Guizhou Geological and mineral foundations have all submitted satisfactory answers

this time, in the construction of Nanyu Yuxi railway project, Guizhou Geological and mineral foundation still gives priority to Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig. "Shanhe intelligent equipment has high stability and strong adaptability to working conditions, which is very reassuring!" With the support and trust of customers, Shanhe intelligent actively listens to the valuable opinions of customers, insists on providing super first-class basic engineering equipment, constantly creates value for customers, and is determined to work with customers to be the best in their respective industries

however, with the development of new consumption formats such as Internet ordering

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