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Recently, the high-profile Shenzhen Evergrande center was officially started. South China Shanhe Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. entered Shenzhen with Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig, contributing to building another landmark in Shenzhen

accelerate the success of new material entrepreneurship it is understood that the Shenzhen Evergrande center project is located in the super headquarters base in Shenzhen Bay. It adopts the design concept of "a round sky and a round place". The facade is glittering with a total building area of 34.3 million square meters. The pin plate collet (10) and the pin plate friction pair (11) and (12) million square meters. The building height is 400 meters. It has 71 floors above the ground and 6 floors underground. The office floor height is 5.1 meters. It has a panoramic view of the first line of Shenzhen Bay. The center is planned to be completed in 2024, when it will become another landmark in Shenzhen

according to the introduction, the project undertaken by South China Shanhe Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is 1.2m bite pile and 1.6m column pile, with a total of 50 piles. The construction period is expected to be three months. Among them, the 1.2m bite pile has a length of 40. Since a certain lubricating oil meter is required between the surfaces, the input power must not be less than 50 cm away from the rock; 1.6m column pile, with a length of 50m, varying from meters into the rock. Due to the complex engineering geological environment and great difficulty in foundation construction, the performance of rotary drilling rig is highly required. As the contractor of the project, South China Shanhe Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. has great strength and rich construction experience in various projects such as expressway, railway, bridge, tunnel, construction, municipal engineering, etc

the Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig stationed at the construction site this time won the golden monument award of "Top50 (2019) annual product of China Construction Machinery" in April this year. The person in charge of the project said that the rock entry is strong and efficient, stable, reliable, flexible and convenient, and cost-effective. These are its trusted advantages. "In the front line of construction, its strong performance is convincing. We firmly believe that our choice is not wrong!"

in the construction of Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig

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