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Shanhe intelligent set up 2billion industrial M & A fund to test the "listed company +pe" model

Shanhe intelligent set up 2billion industrial M & A fund to test the "listed company +pe" model

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red Changsha, May 27 (time guozhiqiang) on the evening of May 27, Shanhe intelligent disclosed that in order to give full play to their respective advantages, To jointly promote the strategic goal of the integration of Shanhe intelligent industry, the company signed the framework agreement on jointly initiating and establishing an industrial M & A fund (hereinafter referred to as the "framework agreement") with Shenzhen Qiushi Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qiushi asset"), and jointly initiated the establishment of Shanhe Qiushi industrial investment fund during the experiment of tensile strength and elongation at break, It is used to improve the tensile strength and elongation at break of products. Shanhe intelligent officially tests the "listed company +pe" mode

Shanhe Qiushi industrial investment fund is positioned as an industrial M & A fund by Shanhe intelligence. It mainly serves the core business of Shanhe intelligence and focuses on M & A or investment around the aviation industry chain and military equipment industry chain

the scale of Shanhe Qiushi industrial investment fund is 2. The launch period is exactly the turning point of industrial development. The subscribed capital of Shanhe intelligent and Qiushi assets respectively account for 20% and 0.05% of the buyout fund. The remaining 79.95% of the subscribed capital of the buyout fund will be raised by Qiushi assets

according to the cooperation agreement between the two parties, for the projects invested by the M & A fund, Shanhe intelligent has the preemptive right to purchase the M & A fund shares held by other investors by cash or stock (or a combination of the two). The purchase price is based on the evaluation value in accordance with the laws and regulations, and the transaction price is determined by the parties through negotiation

Shanhe intelligent representation: "The company cooperates with Qiushi assets to set up an industrial M & A fund, which will make use of the abilities and experience of Qiushi assets and its partner's professional investment institutions to improve the professionalism of the relevant operation of the investment object, help the company achieve the extension expansion, help the company optimize the industrial layout, actively grasp the good opportunities in the industrial development, accelerate the realization of the company's strategic objectives, and improve the company's future profitability. Due to the relatively long investment cycle of the M & A fund Long, the company expects that this cooperation will not have a significant impact on the short-term operation and performance of Shanhe intelligence. "

it is worth noting that what Shanhe intelligence and Qiushi asset signed today is only a cooperation framework agreement. "The company will perform the corresponding approval procedures in accordance with the articles of association, measures for the administration of foreign investment and other relevant provisions when signing the formal agreement."

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