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On January 8, with the theme of "harmony casts the road to change and win the future" as a new luminous material to improve the efficiency of packaging and sorting in plastic recycling, the new generation of N-series products of Xiagong 2019 were officially released in Xiamen. Through technological upgrading, the new generation of products meet the higher needs of customers with high cost performance, which is also another milestone in the development of Xiamen Industrial Group in the new era

on January 8, a new generation of N-series products of XCMG 2019 with the theme of "harmony casts the road to change and win the future" was officially launched in Xiamen. Through technological upgrading, the new generation of products meet the higher needs of customers with high cost performance, which is also another milestone in the development of Xiamen Industrial Group in the new era

Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. officially launched a new generation of N-series new products in Xiamen in 2019

it is fast, reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain

a total of more than 400 people attended the meeting, including Wang Gongyou, vice chairman of Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Chen Tiansheng, President, Guo song, executive vice president, Chen Yongyi, President of the Engineering Technology Research Institute, and other relevant leaders, as well as agents and suppliers from all over the country. A total of xg956n, xg958n loaders, xg8065f, xg815w excavators, xg3200n graders, xg626h, xg6033d, xg6303p rollers, and high-pressure jet fire engines have been released this time. Technological innovation and product iteration have entered a new height

Chen Tiansheng, President of Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a speech.

Chen Tiansheng introduced in his speech that since 2018, focusing on the annual theme of "strategy focusing on business collaboration", Xiamen Xiagong has seized the critical opportunity period of transformation and development with the courage and determination of breaking the boat, actively integrated and improved management, products, technology, quality and other aspects, and creatively created a new generation of competitive products of Xiamen Xiagong

XCMG xg956n loader

XCMG xg958n loader

today, the new generation of product series represented by N-series loaders and F-series excavators of XCMG has been upgraded, taking on a new look from the inside out. It has not only made a qualitative leap in appearance and cost performance, but also improved product performance and quality

XCMG xg836i intelligent excavator

XCMG xg8065f excavator

XCMG xg815w excavator

XCMG xg3200n grader

the new generation of new products integrates the collective wisdom of the supply, distribution, technology research and development, production and manufacturing family of XCMG, and strives to create the leading products. The comprehensive upgrading of structural parts, radiators, electrical systems, operating systems, maintenance services and other aspects has made the whole machine form four core points of "fast installation, reliable, easy operation and easy maintenance during the expansion period", and solved many pain points existing in the actual use process of customers for a long time

XCMG xg6303p roller

XCMG xg626h single steel wheel roller

XCMG xg6033d double steel wheel roller

high pressure jet fire truck: large span, super high-rise, super large flow

emergency rescue equipment, which is related to the safety of people's lives and property, and is highly valued by the country. In order to minimize the rescue risk, Xiamen Engineering Group has perfectly combined the world-class advanced technology micro compressed air foam system (CAFs) with high-end construction machinery, and launched a world-class long-span, super high-rise, super large metric British switchable system; Flow CAFs mobile fire extinguishing equipment -- xg5400jxfjp48 type lifting jet fire truck of Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd

XCMG xg5400jxfjp48 lift jet fire truck

the new product of XCMG n series at the press conference site

the equipment has the core technology from Germany - CAFs compressed air foam system. Through the 48 meter five section folding boom structure of XCMG as the carrier, it can achieve the level of lifting and large span, spray compressed air foam directly against the fire point, and effectively deal with all kinds of large-scale oil fires, alcohol, benzene and other chemical fires, plastic Rubber products and live fire. Especially in response to the "old and difficult" application scenarios in the fire protection industry, such as super high-rise buildings over 100 meters, large-span factory fires, large tank fires in petroleum and petrochemical industry and fires in dense residential areas, it can effectively break through the difficulties of long operation time, high human cost and urgent need to improve the fire-fighting efficiency in the current fire rescue, and meet the fire-fighting requirements of "science, safety and efficiency" in fire rescue operations

guests gathered at the press conference

when the three measures impose any load, comprehensively integrate and improve the sales channels

sales channels are crucial to the development of enterprises. For the construction machinery industry, the agency system is still the mainstream of the market. To this end, Chen Tiansheng, President of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group, highlighted the three measures taken by Xiamen Construction Engineering Group to improve its channel capacity in 2018. First, XCMG has established partnerships with a large number of new agents to stimulate the vitality of the channel. Second, establish direct sales companies in appropriate regions, put products and services in front, and increase user stickiness. Third, unite all forces that can be united, integrate and improve the overall situation of existing channels, and lay a solid foundation for future development

Chen Tiansheng, President of Xiagong, introduced the future development of Xiagong

see the true chapter of the fire. In Changsha experimental field, Hunan Province, 200 tires on the scene ignited a raging fire, and CAFs micro compressed air foam system was used to extinguish the fire. It took less than 3 minutes to extinguish the fire completely before and after, and there was no resurgence. In Jinan experimental field, Shandong Province, 600 tires were ignited on site, and gasoline and diesel were poured on them to support combustion. Three spray guns spraying CAFs micro compressed air foam system were used to extinguish the fire, and the fire was completely extinguished in less than 3 minutes. In the future, XCMG will also further carry out closer collaborative innovation with relevant units to develop high-end emergency rescue equipment with more specifications, stronger adaptability and closer to the actual needs, so as to promote the great development of China's emergency industry

build digital integration of product system

Chen Yongyi, President of Xiamen Engineering Technology Research Institute, introduced the intelligent development of Xiamen Engineering

as the first enterprise to launch intelligent products in the construction machinery industry, Xiamen Engineering has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligence for many years. Chen Yongyi, President of Xiamen Engineering Technology Research Institute, said that the intellectualization of construction machinery products in the future is the general trend. In the next stage, XCMG will increase its digital investment and build a digital integration of product system according to the overall plan of technology, products and informatization

68 years ago, XCMG started from a machine repair and manufacturing plant with only 17 employees, developed into one of the largest construction machinery industry bases in China, and became one of the "top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry". In the future, based on technological innovation and market demand, XCMG will continue to comprehensively improve the intellectualization of R & D, production, management and service, and use accurate supply chain, full life cycle management and e-commerce technology to establish new production methods, industrial forms, business models and economic growth points, so as to promote the transformation and innovative development of its entire industrial chain in production, manufacturing, after-sales service and operation mode

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