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China's mysterious female tycoon plans to spend more than 600million yuan to buy the Panamanian island

caynetas islands in Panama (picture source: Hong Kong "West" station)

reference news. On April 15, Hong Kong media said that after a Chinese female tycoon bought the New Zealand Island, another mystery Chinese female tycoon plans to spend 100 million US dollars (about 648million yuan in human currency - this note), Bidding for Panama to sell the world's first "real estate and natural heritage" pilot project, cajonetta wants to know the isles of Sierra Leone, and plans to open up private rooms and luxury seaside resorts on the island, but 70% of the area needs to be reserved as a natural refuge

on April 15, Western Station in Hong Kong quoted the frontier media report that jenniferke, the agent of Berman brand real estate company, turned on the main switch and left China. She said that the sale of the three islands in Panama, which she acted as an agent, had contacted Chinese buyers with great purchasing ability, and both sides of the business "had met for many times"

Jennifer revealed that she was currently lobbying buyers to disclose their names, and the Chinese businesswoman and her foreign husband would plan to win the top flagship project with us $100 million

it is reported that the cayonetas islands is composed of three islands. The natural scenery on the island is indecent and strange. The effect of humidity on plastic properties is mainly the process of infiltration and absorption. It is planned to establish a private room area on the island, plus some luxurious and environmental friendly seaside resorts. 70% of the island needs to be reserved as a natural refuge

Jennifer believes that in addition to the natural environment, Panama has no foreign exchange tube bundle, and the breaking strength of PLA fiber is greater than 3.5g/d. It is also the world's leading offshore financial center, and is more known as a tax haven, which is also a place to attract Chinese buyers

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