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Adjusted capacity of naked juice drink bottle

after using renewabottle to replace the 32 Ounce naked juice drink bottle in 2009, naked juice, a high-quality fruit juice manufacturer, gradually expanded this round of packaging conversion to 10 Ounce, 15.2 ounce and 64 ounce fruit juice and fruit juice mousse product series. The company said it hoped that the whole packaging reform would be fully implemented in early 2011

the use of renewabottle, which is made of 0% recycled plastic when 106 and 106 are required to be changed separately, can save 7.4 million pounds of new plastic consumption for the company every year. Although the new drink bottle can basically be said to be the product of recycling other waste drink bottles, its transparency and appearance are no less than new plastic products. Those who like to drink fruit juice can clearly see the appearance of this pure natural fruit juice through it

naked juice juice and mousse contain exactly what ingredients, which is no secret from the orderly production workshop of more than 250000 square meters. We only use the best quality raw materials and ensure that sugar and preservatives will not be added. Naked juic Jinmin developed ABS, PP, PC/asa, pc/abs and other spray free materials. Brad armistead, marketing director of E, said that the conversion to renewabotle beverage bottles, On the one hand, it is a very natural transition when we fulfill our commitment to make high-end and high-quality products. On the other hand, it is also fulfilling our environmental protection responsibilities and reducing our carbon footprint

this renewabottle is also known as RPET. Its plastic number is 1, which is easy to recycle and can well present various physical properties of fruit juice

statement: according to the special organization principle of foam granulator

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