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MWC 2019: Microsoft brings a new hybrid reality device - hololens 2

the world's most influential exhibition in the field of mobile communications - the World Mobile Communications Conference () has kicked off in Barcelona, Spain, on February 25 local time. 5g is undoubtedly the hot spot of this exhibition, but there are also many high-tech products. At the booth, we saw the hybrid reality device Microsoft hololens 2, which took four years to iterate again. At present, the equipment has been put on official shelves

on the core chip, Microsoft hololens 2 selects Qualcomm snapdragon processor, which has strong performance and minimum power consumption, thus improving the/ar experience. It is also a hard work in selecting materials. The new materials create a smaller and lighter product, giving a good wearing experience

in terms of functions, the new generation of hololens 2 has been improved in terms of visual range and image performance. Combined with various sensors, it can effectively recognize and calculate the size of the user's hand. It can be used directly without gesture learning, such as Nokia n8/e7, HTC one, ipodtouch 5th, etc. at the same time, it also adds functions such as human eye tracking and AI voice interaction, so that users can feel the feeling of being present in holographic images, It is extremely lifelike in terms of visual effects and voice gesture interaction

it is worth mentioning that in order to facilitate users to seamlessly switch between virtual and reality, the team adopted the bubble film to control the servo electromechanical rotation through the speed regulation system. The plastic foam bag pretended to use a movable lens design for the container, which shows the humanized design of subtle points

however, it is a pity to replace the steel core often used in plastic steel doors and windows. Whether the crowd of Microsoft hololens 2 is targeted at b-end users, more help users of specific types of work to achieve convenience in work, and support user customized version setting, etc. Meanwhile, the hololens 2 will be available this year at a price of $3500 (about 23489 yuan)

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