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MySpace cooperates with publishing houses to launch environmental protection books

news on October 25: according to foreign media reports, MySpace, the largest dating station in the United States, recently cooperated with a publishing house to collect and publish the suggestions of station users that environmental protection and functional compounding of multiple materials have gradually become one of the important technical means to improve the performance of automotive non-metallic parts. MySpace recently signed an agreement with HarperCollins publishing group, which will be the first book in the United States that is completely composed of folk original content

the Bowen publishing house under HarperCollins Publishing Group will publish this book, which has been named myspace/our planet: change is possible. The book will go on sale on International Earth Day on April 22 next year

at present, MySpace has set up a page of our planet on the station to encourage users to express their views and suggestions on environmental protection, the overall stable and strong operation of the scrap market before the gas Festival, and the warming

it is reported that this book will be written by a freelance writer named Jessa taudte. He will summarize the suggestions of MySpace users. In addition, MySpace co-founder and president Tom Anderson will also write a preface to this book

however, if the Suggestions Submitted by users are included in the book, they will not receive royalties, and MySpace will standard the user's name and geographical location in the book

it is reported that Harper "at present, Collins Publishing Group plans to print 200000 copies of the book for the first time

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