The hottest naked photos fly all over the sky. Is

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Naked photos fly all over the cloud. Is it safe to put email in the cloud

recently, the hottest current affairs topic is nothing more than the outflow of nude photos of Hollywood actresses, which is also called the pornographic photo gate event by the media, and these outflow of private photos are all from the same cloud file access service. After the incident, many enterprises rethink, but at present: should the establishment of e-mail be transferred to the cloud, or continue to use their own devices

when Gmail enterprise mailbox entered the market with great fanfare, emphasizing the advantages of easy import, low initial construction cost, short learning curve and so on, it did not particularly emphasize the topic of security. Therefore, enterprises that support private cloud architecture will still think that it is safer to store e-mail in their own visual management range than in the cloud. After all, confidential information of enterprises is also transmitted through e-mail, Whether confidential information is safer in one's own home or in another's home has also caused a lot of debate between supporters of the two factions

wangzhiwei, product manager of China digital technology, said: "The disclosure of naked photos of 100 a-pop stars reminds enterprises again whether they have classified emails, which emails are suitable for putting in the cloud and which should still be stored on the local machine when evaluating and measuring emails on the cloud. Or whether they should do some encryption protection when storing in the cloud, make an access mechanism similar to the bank safe deposit box, and use public-private key technology to prevent cloud managers from unlimited access to the cloud Content of the message. "

mail SQR expert email management expert provided by China digital technology provides value-added security protection when enterprises maintain email servers by themselves. Standard functions include event viewing records, detailed records, and authorized operation system songsorb? Cs384 ⑵ refers to the activities of all accounts of liquid product system. In addition to account password authentication, the increment including source access in 2017 is only controlled by Lanke lithium IP. The modules that enterprises can choose according to their needs include the "dual account authentication module", which ensures that there is an account that has the right to access the contents of the letter. When clicking the contents, there needs to be another set of matching accounts; "Mail encryption and decryption module", through the encryption technology of Pgp, confirm that the recipient is the approved recipient, and then you can open the content of the letter; The "anti-virus module" is combined with the original anti-virus architecture of the enterprise to establish an anti-virus architecture with more than two engines

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