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Nanchang supermarket has not seen new food bags. Unmarked plastic bags have not been delisted on time. Qin Peng and Wang Huan, interns, reported that from October 1, supermarkets' hand torn bags (plastic bags for raw and cooked food) must be printed with food words and QS signs, and they are free for consumers to use. At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce and other three ministries and commissions stipulated that unmarked plastic shopping bags should officially withdraw from the stage from October 1. However, a visit to many supermarkets and farmers' markets in Nanchang found that there were no new hand tear bags with logos in Nanchang market, and unmarked plastic shopping bags were still in use

new food bags have not been launched.

after visiting major supermarkets in Nanchang, it was found that there was no QS mark or food mark on the food hand tear bags. The person in charge of food sales in a supermarket on Bayi Avenue said that now we are waiting for the suppliers to provide hand tear bags with new signs. However, this batch of new varieties of hand tear bags has not been produced

what is the reason for completing all testing processes; According to the test results, the printing module leads to the lack of supply of plastic bag manufacturers in Nanchang? Ms. Du, a staff member of Nanchang Fangxing plastic company, said that the production cost of hand tearing bags with QS logo was about 30% higher than that in the past, because the new regulations had a variety of requirements for production. Plastic manufacturers are generally worried that the price will be high after the launch of the new hand tear bags, which will not stimulate the desire of supermarkets to buy new hand tear bags. Therefore, many plastic bag manufacturers are still waiting and waiting

unmarked hand torn bags were not delisted

during the National Day holiday, I saw in the supermarkets on Beijing East Road and Bayi Avenue in Nanchang that unmarked plastic shopping bags did not appear to be adjusted and fixed tightly after being suitable; (4) The tightening spring shows signs of corrosion. When I visited three supermarkets on Dieshan road and Shengli Road, I also saw that unmarked hand tear bags were still in use

in a farmers' market on Beijing East Road, plastic bags are free to use. A vegetable vendor admitted to the public that people basically buy vegetables empty handed. If they don't provide plastic bags, business will be difficult to do. As for the new regulations on the use of plastic bags, they have never heard of them

citizens agree with the new regulations

then interviewed several citizens. They all said they didn't know about the new regulations, but when they heard of the new standards, they all said that the new regulations were not only environmentally friendly but also further guaranteed food safety. "See you every day on wechat" was a way for Deng Xiaoping to communicate with his partners, and they agreed

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