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Mycomm intelligent customer service center enables the digitalization of insurance enterprises

despite the impact of the COVID-19, the insurance industry has still achieved commendable positive growth in 2020. In recent years, insurance technology is in the ascendant, which is having an increasing impact on the global insurance industry. With the continuous development of 5g, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the importance and urgency of the digital transformation of the insurance industry are further highlighted. Insurance companies will continue to improve their digital service capabilities, obtain more customers online, and communicate and contact with customers through digital means

demand background

whether it is property insurance or life insurance, good reputation and high-quality customer service quality play a key role in insurance industry enterprises. The insurance customer service system based on pbx/acd call center scheme, once known for its stability, reliability and quality, is one of the few high-end customer service industries. The disadvantages of traditional voice customer service in service means, rapidity, telemarketing methods, customer experience, intelligent services, customer resource integration, and cost composition have long been exposed. Insurance companies have introduced intelligent customer service systems and built external intelligent service systems and internal intelligent business assistant systems. So that customers can easily consult intelligent customer service for product details through official, page, app and other channels

demand analysis

practical significance of using insurance intelligent customer service solutions based on modern network and communication technology:

standardize and enhance the image of the insurance industry and highlight the strength of the enterprise

it is conducive to the publicity of enterprises and the development of new marketing channels

improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

it is conducive to the follow-up and investigation of potential customers and the effective development of marketing activities

improve the internal management efficiency and employee satisfaction of insurance enterprises

7*24-hour service to ensure the continuity of customer service

enhancing interaction and communication with customers is an effective weapon for enterprises to compete for consumers

reduce the management and operation costs of insurance enterprises in many ways

truly realize paperless office and save human and material resources

enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and enhance the brand influence of enterprises

the insurance intelligent call center system closely combines voice query, self-service, manual service, intelligent distribution, etc., integrates the internal resources of insurance enterprises, potential customer groups and other resources through the network, establishes a rapid response mechanism for all links in the insurance business process, and realizes the unified allocation and utilization of resources

function design

the insurance intelligent customer service center system closely combines intelligent voice query, self-service, manual service, intelligent distribution, etc., integrates the internal resources of insurance enterprises, potential customer groups and other resources through the network, establishes a rapid response mechanism for all links in the insurance business process, and realizes the unified allocation and utilization of resources. The system is an open dialogue platform. As a communication tool between enterprises and customers, customer service personnel, salespeople and customers can interact and cooperate to complete customer service and customer care; It can also be used as a tool for internal communication. Through this platform, sales representatives can accept the scheduling and allocation of the company, so as to conduct customer visits more effectively

1. Insurance business consulting

the business consulting scope of customers or potential customers includes: insurance project consulting, specific insurance type consulting, insurance process consulting, payment method consulting, etc. The system has the calling number identification function, and can record the number of the customer who accesses the call center for the first time, which provides information for the salesperson of insurance enterprises to mine and track customers. The call bounce function can make the customer service staff answer the unanswered call of the customer. Hello, who? Hello, Mr. Zhang! The change of has narrowed the distance with customers and helped to establish family services. The system can transfer customers' calls to the most qualified customer service personnel. For old customers, it can also establish a one-to-one relationship. The calls of old customers can be directly transferred to their business operators or customer service personnel who have spoken with them before, which is conducive to the maintenance of customers and the continuity of services

2. Self service

customers call the insurance enterprise call center, first enter the voice query system, enter different keys under the guidance of voice navigation, and select the information they want. In self-service, customers can get the following services:

self service insurance type query

insurance preference information

insured customers self-service query the details of the insurance

insurance payment query

appointment of insurance consultants

insurance salesman verification and query

self service inquiry of insurance knowledge

latest trends of enterprises

important information release

latest policies and regulations

self service fax, such as requesting detailed written insurance materials

voice messages such as customer complaints and suggestions

3. Business acceptance

the system accepts various businesses applied by customers through manual seats, self-service voice services, e-mail, fax, instant chat tools, etc., generates dispatch orders and forwards them to the corresponding departments for processing. After the pending results are returned to the customer service call center through the network, the customer service staff will reply to the customer by, fax, SMS, email, etc. Customers can also know at any time through this system in which link and which department the application business is being processed. The main business contents include:

application for insurance business

report and file a case

appointment of insurance consultants

payment and renewal business handling

customer suggestions and complaints feedback, etc

4. Active service/customer care

designer Maurizio Galante designed a sofa in the shape of a fairy ball. Customer service staff can realize active service to customers through the external dialing function of this system. There are four kinds of outbound methods: outbound voice architecture, outbound voice files, group SMS and fax. The specific contents of customer care include:

care and tracking of intended customers

information notification to potential customers

announcement of recent preferential activities

payment and renewal reminder of the insured

regular customer follow-up survey

reminders and blessings for customers' insurance anniversary, etc

5. Sales

the sales staff of insurance enterprises expand the customer market through sales

6. Customer complaints and suggestions

customers can feed back their complaints or suggestions to customer service personnel through manual service, voice mail, fax, e-mail, etc. After receiving the feedback, the customer service staff can transfer it to the relevant departments for handling, which is conducive to the successful settlement of complaints or disputes

7. Insurance business market research

the insurance industry needs to establish a window that can directly understand the changes in the insurance market and customers' needs. The system can carry out market survey, customer demand survey, customer satisfaction survey and other activities through external dialing, formulate targeted improvement plans, adjust the operation and management strategies of insurance enterprises, improve the scientificity of management decisions, and improve the brand image of enterprises, so as to improve work efficiency and enterprise benefits, and reduce management and operation costs

8. Extended services

this system is open, which can be seamlessly combined with the insurance company's own member management and office systems. It can also customize and develop some functions according to the specific requirements of the enterprise

solution value

customers can consult, purchase and settle claims through the intelligent customer service system. The intelligent robot telemarketing system adopts deep learning algorithm and has the functions of intention understanding, context analysis, intelligent rhetorical question, intelligent error correction, etc., which can accurately understand the customer's intention and smoothly guide the customer's business handling

this function is easy to operate and fast to use. The agent only needs to simply input the financial and insurance information they want to know. The intelligent customer service telemarketing system will be based on natural language understanding technology, understand the search intention of the agent, and then export the knowledge they want. In addition, the intelligent telemarketing system will also recommend relevant information for the agent to view. This not only reduces the standard that the domestic market will be broader when new people are trained to work, but also greatly improves the order forming rate of insurance telemarketing

insurance knowledge base management: the intelligent telemarketing system provides multi-dimensional knowledge management, and the business knowledge points are presented in a structured way, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to increase or decrease and text. This telemarketing system can not only be used in telemarketing, but also serve all channel businesses such as officials, and apps at the same time. It can also provide specific knowledge to specific channels, realize single point maintenance and multi-channel sharing, and greatly facilitate the operation, maintenance and management of the knowledge base

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