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Fuzhou nail polish market is a mixture of fish and dragons. Applying vitamin E pills can protect nails

Fuzhou news recently, the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Bureau found in California that many nail polish marked as non-toxic contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and toluene. Long term close inhalation or ingestion of [Zhongsu Xun] may cause cancer, abortion and fetal malformation. On the 1st, it was learned from the provincial hospital that many nail polish contained ingredients such as pigment and formaldehyde on the chamfered side of the color clip along the direction of the force on the sample. Long term use may bring health risks. Allergy patients and women in pregnancy or lactation should be cautious

Non toxic nail polish is exposed to be more toxic

the report released by the U.S. toxic substances control bureau pointed out that among the 25 types of nail polish randomly selected, 12 had the phenomenon of "label lying": products that claim not to contain toxic substances actually contain toxic substances such as toluene and formaldehyde, and the content of some products is at a high risk level. Exposure to these chemicals may affect fetal development and lead to cancer, asthma and other chronic diseases

On the 1st, after visiting many shopping malls, jewelry stores and nail salons in the urban area, I found that nail polish can be found in these places. The difference is that some are born in "famous families", and some are not clearly marked

in a street cosmetics store in the urban area, I picked up several bottles of nail polish and looked at them. I found that some of these products were all in foreign languages, and some only had brand logo, without ingredients, production date, manufacturer, hygiene license number, etc. Ask, "is there formaldehyde? Will it affect your health?" The staff said, "we sell imported products, and the quality is OK. I don't know whether there is formaldehyde, but this nail polish doesn't hurt your hands."

Expert: vitamin E is a natural nail polish. How much damage does nail polish do to your body? On the afternoon of the 1st, Lu Ping, director of the dermatology department of Fujian Provincial Hospital, was consulted. Director Lu told that the test report of the US toxic substances control agency was not alarmist. "If you smear nail polish too often and don't clean it on time, your nails will soften. Women in pregnancy and lactation should use it more carefully. If you smear it for a long time or don't use it with PM - corrugated board edge pressure strength (n/m) carefully, your child may suffer from autism after birth."

director Lu said that some nail polish may contain formaldehyde, plasticizers and other raw materials. After coating nail polish, you should also be careful when eating food to prevent "poison from entering your mouth". When the skin is damaged and there are thorns around the nail, you must not apply nail polish, which is easy to stimulate the infected skin

director Lu suggested: "women who love nail enhancement can apply vitamin E pills or vitamin AD capsules to protect their nails. Although quantum mechanics analysis has a huge amount of data in solid-state physical chemistry, this is a natural nail polish." In addition, don't use nail polish every day, give your nails a buffer period

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