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"Nanchang Optical Valley" seizes the new highland of the LED industry, and the original LED technology realizes the "whole chain"

high end equipment and core devices are "heavy weapons of a big country". MOCVD (organic metal chemical vapor deposition) equipment, as the key equipment for the production of LED epitaxial chips, has been standing at the top of the LED industry value chain. On the afternoon of April 22, Nanchang Municipal People's government and China micro semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. signed a strong demand agreement such as the strategic cooperation framework. Our city will build a high-end MOCVD equipment manufacturing base in Nanchang high tech Zone to help "Nanchang Optical Valley" become the most complete LED production base in China's industrial chain

led original technology realizes the "whole chain"

as we all know, the creation of "Nanchang Optical Valley" is based on breaking the patent barriers of Japanese sapphire substrate and American Silicon carbide substrate technology, and breaking through the cracks to create a silicon substrate LED route with all China's independent intellectual property rights. This year, Nanchang Optical Valley, with the LED photoelectric industry in Nanchang high tech Zone as the core, ushered in a major breakthrough in attracting investment - the introduction of micro semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the high-end LED core equipment MOCVD, so that the LED industry bid farewell to the history of importing only the core equipment MOCVD from the United States

it is learned that China micro semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China micro semiconductor equipment company"), founded in 2004, is the most technologically advanced high-end chip equipment enterprise in China and the first investment enterprise of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund. The nano etching technology and thin film technology that the company specializes in are the core of many micro processing. Its equipment is the most critical equipment that can collect experimental data in real time in the production process of semiconductor chips and LED chips

yinzhiyao, chairman of China micro semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that in order to build a "big country and heavy weapon" with independent intellectual property rights, Mr. Bert Bakker, chief executive officer of China micro semiconductor Lilians group, said in an interview that the equipment company began to develop MOCVD equipment. After nearly seven years of efforts, it was finally officially put into the market at the end of 2016, breaking the equipment Monopoly of the United States and Germany. "It took only one year for our company to occupy 70% of the domestic market and become one of the top two in the field of MOCVD equipment in the world." Yinzhiyao said

the reason why Zhongwei semiconductor equipment company chose to settle in Nanchang high tech Zone is that Nanchang high tech Zone has great advantages in policies related to LED photoelectric industry. Yinzhiyao said that Nanchang has a very favorable investment environment, and the local government has given great support and good services to enterprises

it is expected to become the world's largest MOCVD equipment production base

"after signing and settling down in December last year, Nanchang high tech Zone has found a transition plant for us. As of the end of March this year, our company has obtained about 200 MOCVD equipment orders. Such high efficiency stems from the 'heavy capital, light assets' investment attraction mode of the high tech Zone." Jihua, general manager of Nanchang Zhongwei Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd., told, "the second phase of the project will start construction in 2019."

in Nanchang high tech Zone, there are many enterprises like Zhongwei semiconductor equipment company, which are optimistic about the development future, satisfied with the investment environment and recognized the industrial maturity. China energy conservation and environmental protection group joined Jinghe lighting, and through technical support and market promotion, the export of Jinghe lighting LED street lamps will increase 10 times in the next period of time. In recent years, the high-tech zone has always focused on the core of the LED industry, focused on building an ecosystem and achieving cluster development. With the settlement of a number of listed companies, central enterprises and industry leaders such as Shenzhen zhaochi, Zhuoyi technology, rainbow group, Yimei core light, Zhongwei semiconductor and Zhongsheng optoelectronics, the annual production capacity of the core LED industry in the high-tech zone will exceed 30million pieces, becoming the country's main extension and chip production base; The annual production capacity of high-end large cavity MOCVD equipment will exceed 300 cavities, and it is expected to become the world's largest MOCVD equipment production base

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