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Mycomm helps a city in Jiangsu build 12319 citizen connection line recently, Beijing Unicom Zhicheng company (mycomm) helped a city in Jiangsu Province take the lead in setting up 12319 intelligent application services for municipal public services. This platform integrates the service ceramics of municipal public utilities, gas, water and other departments closely related to people's lives. It is a very solid material service resource. Through 12319 services, citizens' requirements for gas, drainage For the repair and complaint of gas supply and other municipal facilities, the intelligent service has achieved 24-hour, 24-hour, uninterrupted service

in the past, when people encountered problems and difficulties, they often didn't know which department or industry to ask for help. Now with this service platform, citizens no longer go to hospital indiscriminately, just dial 12319 municipal public services, and the rest was led by the service center, which made the people deeply feel convenient and fast

connect the government and the masses

12319 urban management services. It is a special number for public welfare services in the national construction industry determined by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of industry and information technology. The service content covers various industries and social aspects such as city appearance, municipal administration, environmental sanitation, landscaping, water supply, gas supply, etc., and accepts complaints, consultations and suggestions from relevant industries

on the one hand, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, EMS grivory said that the trend of diversification and personalization of convenience service demand is becoming increasingly apparent, and citizens have higher and higher requirements for urban management and service quality. In line with this trend, it is urgent to establish a comprehensive external service window, integrate the service resources closely related to the daily life of citizens involving construction, planning, water affairs, transportation, housing management, municipal administration, urban management, landscaping, gas and other construction departments, and open 12319 service

on the other hand, as the only way to build an intelligent government, the intelligent reform of government affairs is a key area to lead the implementation of science and technology. In the era of digital and intelligence, government affairs is not only human-computer interaction, but also human-computer interaction. Through the application of new technologies, new models and new standards, government affairs will realize the transformation to digitalization and intelligence, become a convenient and efficient service platform for local governments, an important hub for collaborative governance and a strong support for smart governance, and contribute value to promoting the modernization of the governance system and promoting urban development

based on the above needs, a city in Jiangsu Province chose the mycommipcc all media intelligent customer service overall solution of Beijing Lianxin Zhicheng company to build 12319 municipal public services

mycommipcc all media intelligent customer service overall solution

the improvement of government service ability and level is inseparable from technological progress. Beijing Lianxin Zhicheng company, a research and development team focusing on government services, has worked closely with the government department of Shanghai in 2000 to promulgate and implement the "Interim Measures for the management of disposable plastic lunch boxes" for more than 10 years. According to the characteristics of government informatization, it has designed an extensible, full and inclusive government service platform. The whole system adopts modular design and supports multiple access modes such as, fax, e-mail, web, Weibo, app, etc. On this basis, the system supports a large number of internal government business processing, and realizes the perfect integration of various information systems and office automation systems within government departments. The effective integration of information management and business processing in government departments and external resources. Thus, the equipment investment cost is reduced and the practicability is enhanced

▲ mycommipcc all media intelligent customer service overall solution application architecture design

mycomm IPCC Omni channel call center has experienced the application and promotion of board, switch, IP soft switch and other call center solutions. So far, it has 20 years of product accumulation and cases

not only support traditional, SMS, fax, email access, but also support the unified queuing of multimedia channels such as webchat, app, Weibo, etc. which are currently the mainstream of the market

it not only supports the basic functions of traditional call centers such as Omni channel access, ACD intelligent queuing, CTI core control, manual seat service, recording quality inspection, outbound dialing, statistical analysis and system monitoring, but also supports intelligent customer service applications such as intelligent voice navigation, intelligent robots, intelligent return visits/telemarketing, and intelligent recording quality inspection

it is applicable to the localization of government convenience and enterprise customer service systems and private cloud deployment

in the implementation of this plan, mycomm makes full use of the promotion and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing in the field of government affairs, selects the upper government hall scene to provide intelligent guidance services, selects the service scene to provide intelligent customer service, intelligent work orders and other services, reduces the workload of front-line staff, reduces the risk of human error, and improves the efficiency and service level of government hall and services. Further optimize and improve the business environment, standardize the work process, improve service efficiency, practically facilitate the work of the masses, and provide high-quality services for the masses of enterprises

over the years, Lianxin Zhicheng has accumulated rich experience in providing call center products for government services and convenience, and is well aware of the needs of government services and convenience. As a professional call center manufacturer, Lianxin Zhicheng has built many professional systems in the government field and has been deeply trusted and praised by various government departments

about Lianxin Zhicheng

the main products of Beijing Lianxin Zhicheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (mycomm) cover customer service, customer service, intelligent customer service, customer service CRM and other customer service related products, and the stability and security of the products are in the leading position in the industry. More than 50000 seats have been delivered and served, and more than 2000 customers have been served. The industries involved include government, real estate, medical treatment, finance, insurance, telecommunications, electricity, education, media, interconnection, manufacturing and other diverse fields that can well solve the problems found above


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